Designing with Lace: How to create a Lace Cutout

diy underwear-lacecutout

Adding lace to your garment is a great way to create a unique, delicate, and elegant element to your design. You can choose just about any project you want and apply the technique below to excel. I am currently haveing a lot of fun sewing lingerie! Lingerie projects give you the ability to go crazy with small design details you wouldn’t have thought about applying to other projects.

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Diaper Clutch With Changing Pad Tutorial

15Hey Friends! Today we are going to make an easy Diaper Clutch that is also a changing pad all in one. These are a super awesome item to keep in the diaper bag or in the car, you will always be ready for that quick change. I personally love to use it on the public changing stations, it keeps a good barrier between baby and the germ ridden public changing station. Also make a great, easy shower gift. Okay lets get started… Continue reading

Easy Valentine Garland Tutorial

IMG_5327This valentine garland project is so quick and easy!  It would make a cute festive decoration for a kid’s room, front door, teacher’s room, bedroom, etc…

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Car Seat Canopy Tutorial


Hello every one! So today we are going to make and awesome Car Seat Canopy. These come in so handy for new Mom’s. They keep baby covered while they’re sleeping, covered from the rain and they also keep germ ridden hands off your little one when you have to go out when they are new. This is a WONDERFUL shower gift, it’s an item you don’t think about needing until you need it. They are really simple to make and plus they add can add some pizzaz to your car seat. Continue reading

Quilt Binding Tutorial


We all know there are a lot of binding tutorials out there but somehow when it comes time for me to actually finish my quilt (my absolute LEAST favorite step by the way) I always need to find some really great pictures to remind me what to do. So here are some hopefully simple and clear pictures to help you finish off your next quilt. This technique gives you nice square corners instead of rounded off corners. Continue reading