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Then check out our Applique Class coming up next week! It is a two session class on Tues June 5th &12th and in the class you will learn all sorts of different techniques for applique, all using your sewing machine! You can applique on pretty much anything you can sew-on! Quilts, clothing, accessories, and more. Jazz up an old skirt or cover a hole in your favorite blouse using applique techniques! Our favorite applique activity though, is quilting!


Appliqueing on a quilt gives you unlimited possibilities for different shapes and designs where other techniques have many frustrating and difficult limitations. Make circles, triangles, skinning lines, waving lines, flowers, leaves,  anything you can imagine!! Not to mention the amazing effect of dimension you can get when appliqueing.

Don’ forget that you can use these applique techniques in fashion too! Add amazing details and accents by appliqueing over a solid fabric! Create patches and other details to make your garments unique!

Danielle is the teacher for this applique class as well as all the other quilting classes we offer here at Harts! She is an excellent teacher with years of quilting experience and mountains of knowledge which is is ready to share with you. So come check it out! Call us for a supply list to be prepared.

 Here is a little extra inspiration!


Flea Market Fancy baby quilt by Film in the Fridge

These days everyone is getting fancy with Flea Market… Flea Market Fancy that is! This new Legacy Collection is actually a reprint of Denyse Schmidt’s popular line, featuring refreshed colors and a re-invigorated modern sensibility. This collection is an absolute has been credited by many quilters for helping to light the fire under the modern quilting movement.

This collection was extremely popular during pre-orders, but we are happy to say that we now have plenty in-store, both online and at our Santa Cruz location, just in case you missed our initial sale.

We love this collection for the way it combines sweet vintage motifs with rich, contemporary hues. And we LOVE seeing all of the wonderful projects being made with these gorgeous fabrics, these quilts featured on the modern quilting blog Film in the Fridge, are especially inspiring.

Signs of Spring by Film in the Fridge


Flea market Fancy for the Bed by Film in the Fridge

Schmidt recently released two gorgeous quilt patterns, Point Me and Flower Chain that both feature Flea Market fancy in traditionally inspired modern designs.

Of course, as quilting cottons, these cute prints are extremely versatile! A grocery tote like the New Leaf Tote by Heather Bailey for our farmer’s markets would look great made out of these fresh fabrics. The cheerful Flea Market florals lend themselves well to summer dresses like the Sunny Day Dress from Jamie Christina. And we know that a vintage style apron, such as the Lola and Lolita aprons from Sew Liberated would look especially sweet in this collection

Everyone here at Harts has their favorite print from this line, and we can’t wait to finish our own “fancy” Flea Market projects! What will you make with yours?

So June is right around the corner and swimsuit season is here! Are you ready for the beach or the pool? Well if not don’t fret! Hart’s is here to help you in your time of need. We just received a large shipment of adorable swimwear fabric and it super simple to make a swimsuit made especially to fit you.
The easiest way to make a new swimsuit is to just trace one that you have that already fits well sew it up and Valhalla! A new suit for this year that you know will fit your right.
Now you can also find a swim pattern like these here:

The other dilemma is choosing the fabric and we have such a large selection that it might be difficult to choose just one.

You can always try to make your own pattern and get inspired from other cute suits you’ve seen this season, plus by making your own you can save a pretty penny. Swimsuits can get expensive. (I don’t know why… there’s not much fabric to them!) here’s a selection that I’ve come across that are $80+ that you can make for under $40.

It’s no secret that Harts LOVES the Schoolhouse Tunic from Sew Liberated. Katrina’s last Schoolhouse was made from an imported cotton/linen fabric, making it perfect for cooler weather. This time around, she used our other big obsession… Rayon!!! Rayon is the perfect fabric for summer. It’s light and comfortable, and all of the hot prints that we carry will keep you cool in the warm sun. This gorgeous ikat print reminds us of exotic beach getaways, warm sand and cool tropical drinks. Use it as a swimsuit cover-up and pair it with gladiator sandals and a wide-brimmed hat for an effortless, g-to look this summer!