I finished my Macaron dress and to my amazement it fit perfectly!  I am a curvy girl and most dress patterns I have made in the past were always too small in the hip/booty area.  While making the Macaron I was a little worried I would have the same problem, but I’ve also heard that Colette patterns worked well for the curvy girl so I had hope.  As soon as I sewed the zipper in I immediately tried it on and it fit!  I love it!

     My favorite part of the dress is the pleated bias tape that I handmade.  It was a little challenging to make perfect pleats but I just went slow and ironed each pleat, pinned it and then stitched it.  I did not measure each pleat I am not that anal I just eye balled it and somehow it looks pretty darn good.  I am so happy with my fabric choices.  The Armani linen drapes nicely and the Art Gallery floral print I used for the top, which I have totally been obsessing over, matched the purple linen perfectly.


This entry is from one of our Sew-a-Long participants.  She was kind enough to share her thoughts on her personal experience sewing the Macaron pattern……….

 “This was my first time sewing with a Colette pattern.  As far as notes/advice to anyone else in the sew-along, definitely make a muslin first!!  I measured the exact size 2 according to the pattern envelope, but I still had to make some major adjustments.  There is no allowance or instructions for small bust/large bust adjustments in either the pattern or directions, and it seems to be designed for a very curvy figure.  I ended up having to make major alterations to the upper front, upper back, and midriff pieces including adding an extra dart because there was so much extra fabric.”

“Also, I found that although fabric requirements for both 45″ wide and 60″ wide fabric was 2 yards, in the size 2 I was easily able to cut all the pieces needed out of just 1 yard of 58″ wide fabric.  Better to have too much than too little, but it’s a little galling to spend $20/yd on fabric and then only use half.”

“Other than that, the pieces went together well and the pattern instructions were very clear.  I was a bit worried that the contrast fabric for the pockets would show, but it doesn’t at all, and I really like how the pockets sit in the pleats.  I really like then end result.”

      Well, this goes to show you that all patterns fit differently for each body type.  Knowing which patterns work best for your body type and knowing how to make the appropriate changes makes a huge difference on how it will fit.  Making a muslin when using a pattern for the first time is always a good idea.  It may take more time but  it will always be well worth the effort.  Hope this helps.  Good luck and Happy sewing!