Miz Mozelle: A Dress Sew Nice, I Made it Twice!

Hello All! Julia here, and I’m going to tell you all about my experience with the Miz Mozelle sew-along!

First of all, puff sleeves and a peter pan collar on an easy to wear dress? Yes please! Like everyone else I was excited to join the sew along for the aesthetics, but as it turns out this pattern is not only cute, it’s quick and fun to make as well!

I first made a copy of the pattern onto muslin. I don’t always trace my patterns, but if I think that I’m going to make the pattern again I’ll take the time to do it. I used muslin because I had extra hanging around. Then I chose my fabric, a Tula Pink print from her nightshade collection, and a lace-edged bias tape for the trim. I liked the scale of the prints and a spooky motif.

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Colette Madeleine Mini Bloomers Tutorial!

Here at Harts it’s no secret that we adore Colette, we also love free patterns! Today’s tutorial provides the best of both worlds! I’m going to show you step by step how to make her Madeleine Mini Bloomers. The pattern is a free downloadable pdf file, all you have to do is download it and print it out. These bloomers are super cute, easy to make and they only require one yard of fabric!

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Jamie Christina Miz Mozelle Sew Along Part One!

Who else is totally excited about sewing this dress? When I heard that the Miz Mozelle pattern would be used for our next sew-along I was practically giddy with excitement! I’ve had my eye on this dress for a long time and this is the perfect excuse to get off my fanny and sew it.

Before I cut my pattern out, I traced it onto some pattern paper. I like to trace my patterns rather than cutting them out directly because I am then able to save all the pattern sizes; just in case I need to make a smaller/large size sometime later. Also, most pattern tracing paper is more durable and will last longer than the tissue-like paper that patterns are printed on.

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Color Block Shirt Tutorial Part Two

The second part of the Color Block Shirt Tutorial will teach you how to adjust your shirt, put on the bias binding around the neck, make and attach the sleeves and hem the bottom!

After you have sewn up the sides and shoulder seams, it’s a good time to adjust the fit. I put my shirt on wrong side out and pinned the sides in a little under the armpit. I also measured the armhole opening and wanted it a little bigger, so I pinned my cutting line as shown.

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Jamie Christina Miz Mozelle Sew Along Kick-Off!

Alright ladies! It’s the official kick off to our Jamie Christina Miz Mozelle dress Sew Along! So first things first let’s get the dates all set…

Today 9/14 Official Start to Miz Mozelle Sew Along

October 12th (Friday) Final day to submit garment photos for the contest (send to dani@hartsfabric.com)

October 19th (Friday) Winner is announced and is able to select 3 Jamie Christina Patterns of their choice.

Okay, now some rules and regulations…..

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Maxi Skirt Tutorial

I LOVE maxi skirts! There really is nothing better for Santa Cruz’s often unpredictable weather. Maxi’s are cool and breathable in the mid-day heat, yet long enough to shield one’s legs from the cold, crisp morning. and as we transition into autumn (woah! It’s September already?), the maxi is going to be my go-to garment as I brace myself for a chilly winter while trying to catch the last of summer’s rays.

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