Julia’s Merida costume!

For Halloween this year Julia made an amazing Merida costume! Merida is the main character from the Pixar movie Brave, and Julia just couldn’t resit portraying her this Halloween.

Julia used our silk cotton sateen in slate for the body of the dress and the silk cotton sateen in gold for the trim and the sash! The dress pattern is by Mccalls, pattern number M5499. Julia said the pattern was easy to follow and she really liked the fact that she didn’t need to add a zipper! The only adjustment she had to make to the pattern was making the neckline straight across. She even added an embroidered detail to the end of the waist tie!

No costume? No problem! Easy last minute costumes!

So here we are, Halloween is just days away and most Halloween parties are this weekend! Are you freaking out because you don’t have your costume picked out yet? Never fear, we are here to help! Here are some some of the easy and quick last minute creative Halloween costumes that we came up with!

1. Muslin is your friend! Muslin is an inexpensive fabric typically used for patten adjustments but can be used to create a bunch of fun and easy costumes!

With just a few yards of fabric and some basic draping skills you can easily create a no sew toga! Your fancy new toga can be used as the base for a Greek god costume, or use some fabric dye to create the perfect statue of liberty costume! You can even use muslin to make a classic ghost costume without having to cut holes in your nice white sheets! Muslin easily rips on grain, so by ripping 2″ wide strips you can wrap your self like a mummy! There are endless possibilities for using basic muslin to create unique and creative last minute costumes!

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Annie’s super cute kitty costume!

Our super talented employee Annie made this adorable kitty costume for Halloween! She used our leopard printed stretch gold foil fabric and the dress is a pattern that she drafted herself! We all love how it turned out, it’s cute and fun without being too risqué (like so many store bought costumes). Annie really loves wearing it and is already planning on making another one out of the slate black foil, we can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Easy Kids Costumes You Can Get Together Fast!

Time is running out and Halloween is right around the corner, again.  It’s tough being a parent and trying to stay ahead of the game when it’s costume time and before you know it you blink and it’s the 18th of October and you have no costumes for the kids.  Don’t panic! Here are some great easy and cheap costume ideas that will keep the kids happy and wont break the bank.

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Bridgette’s Woodland Warrior Costume


Our super crafty employee Bridgette made this super awesome, super comfy, super adorable Woodland Warrior costume. She has such great ideas and this costume really brings them all together. First, she made a fantastic fleece cape that has a really cool looking over-sized hood. It has a fun “Lord of the Rings” feel to it,  and since it’s made of fleece it will keep you warm on your way to a Halloween party or out trick-or-treating with the kiddos.











Bridgett  also made an adorable top to go with it that has fun cut out details and sleeves that go off the shoulders. She didn’t skimp on any of the details,  she made an arrow holster complete with woodland arrows.

Her costume was such a great idea because she really thought about her design and her character.  She will be warm, and cute this Halloween!

Easy Minkee/Cuddle Baby Blanket

One of the most loving gifts that you can give to a new mom is a handmade blanket that will welcome their new family member into the world, but the project can be a little intimidating and can take too much time. This project is an easy straight stitch blanket that any one can sew and will not take months to make, in fact you can make it in just a couple of hours.

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Sheer Skirt Tutorial

It’s no secret that sheer is in! Here in California a colorful sheer skirt can be perfect for Autum weather. Here is some great inspiration for a sheer skirt of your own!

We just got a wide assortment of sheer stretch chiffons in all sorts of colors that was perfect for this project! They are relativley easy to sew with because they have a lot of texture and they have 3% spandex which is just enough to give them some bounce! These Delfina Chiffons can be found in our Blouse and Dress Fabric section.

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Mod Podge Dresser Tutorial

We recently got Mod Podge in the store and I am so excited!  I have so many memories of my Grandmother Mod Podge-ing her TV tables with old letters and cards that the grand-kids have given her over the years.  I was fascinated by this product at an early age and I still am.  My grandmother even still has her TV tables that she Mod Podged from 20 years ago.  Mod Podge is some awesome stuff!!

The inventor of Mod Podge was a lady named Jan Wetstone, she first developed the stuff  in the 1960s in her garage.  The name Mod Podge came from the term “Modern Decoupage,”  which was super popular at the time.    Ms. Wetstone owned an interior design shop in Atlanta, Georgia.  Decoupage was all the rage, but extremely time consuming.  It was a tedious task to brush on layer upon layer of varnish, sanding between each coat.  She did some experimenting  in the back room of her shop and Mod Podge was born.  She tested it on all kinds of surfaces, she even decoupaged a Volkswagen Beetle using bed sheets!

I was so excited about this nostalgic product Mod Podge that as soon as we got it in the store  I immediately started dreaming up all the things I could make with it.  I decided for my first project I would  tackle my ugly brown wooden desk  I got at a thrift store for $10 a couple months ago.

I first sanded and primed the wooden desk to prepare for the Mod Podge.   Then I picked out my favorite fabric of the moment, which is Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Spring 2012.  I love this fabric for this project because it is like a cheater fabric, there are several squares of different prints for  to chose from in one yard of fabric.  I thought that it would be so cute to do a different square of fabric for each drawer.

Step 1:  Get all your supplies ready…..pre-washed fabric, Mod Podge for fabric, Mod Podge Matte finish, sponge or paint brush and cleanable surface to work on (lay down wax paper or foil on table for easy clean-up)

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