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For Halloween this year Julia made an amazing Merida costume! Merida is the main character from the Pixar movie Brave, and Julia just couldn’t resit portraying her this Halloween.

Julia used our silk cotton sateen in slate for the body of the dress and the silk cotton sateen in gold for the trim and the sash! The dress pattern is by Mccalls, pattern number M5499. Julia said the pattern was easy to follow and she really liked the fact that she didn’t need to add a zipper! The only adjustment she had to make to the pattern was making the neckline straight across. She even added an embroidered detail to the end of the waist tie!


Halloween is Wednesday! Ahh! An easy thing to wear on Halloween is a simple mask that you could make whiten hours of your event.

All you need is:

-Wool Felt


-Glue, hot glue, or sewing machine whichever you prefer… I used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue


-And your pattern which you can print from right here.

Then its just basically cutting out your pattern pieces from felt and gluing them or sewing them together.  Simple!

choose what type of animal you’d like to be and then cut out the pieces for that mask. Add whichever ears you need to the mask pattern and cut it out as one piece.








Make sure to double up your felt for the base of the mask, this will make your make sturdier and stiffer to wear.

make sure to cut out the eyes so you can see!

Then it’s time to be creative! You can cut out the pieces of your animal’s face in corresponding felt colors. You can have fun with this and add some of your own ideas too, maybe glitter or bows or even feathers.

After everything is dried or sewn together, you can tie a piece of elastic to the sides or sew it, or you can even glue a stick for a masquerade feel.

Have fun, and have a safe and Happy Halloween!


So here we are, Halloween is just days away and most Halloween parties are this weekend! Are you freaking out because you don’t have your costume picked out yet? Never fear, we are here to help! Here are some some of the easy and quick last minute creative Halloween costumes that we came up with!

1. Muslin is your friend! Muslin is an inexpensive fabric typically used for patten adjustments but can be used to create a bunch of fun and easy costumes!

With just a few yards of fabric and some basic draping skills you can easily create a no sew toga! Your fancy new toga can be used as the base for a Greek god costume, or use some fabric dye to create the perfect statue of liberty costume! You can even use muslin to make a classic ghost costume without having to cut holes in your nice white sheets! Muslin easily rips on grain, so by ripping 2″ wide strips you can wrap your self like a mummy! There are endless possibilities for using basic muslin to create unique and creative last minute costumes!

2. Felt is awesome too! Felt is great for so many projects, the uses for it are only limited by your own creativity! Our felt by the yard is nice and wide, 72″ to be exact, meaning you are getting a lot of bang for your buck! When discussing different felt costumes in the store, our employees came up with some great ideas; big crayon, potato, lobster claws, you could even be a sandwich! Have a solid colored t-shirt? How about cutting super hero symbols out of felt and attaching them to your shirt! Instant super hero!

Julia made this awesome Peter Pan tunic top out of only a half yard of green felt! All she did was take the shoulder measurements of our dress form and add 2″ to get the correct width. Then she cut an opening for the head and belted it to create the look!

3. Halloween spirit! You don’t need to have a costume to represent the Halloween spirit.

We have so many fun Halloween cotton prints, why not whip up a quick holiday skirt? Skulls, Owls, and spiders are all great choices for a spooky Halloween ensemble! A simple elastic waist skirt only takes about an hour to put together, you’ll be lookin’ fine in no time!

I made this simple skirt using our festive candy corn print fabric and added a cute orange lace border! It will be perfect for Halloween night and it only took me a little over an hour to sew it up!

So remember, don’t panic! And have a happy Halloween! Also, don’t forget to share pictures of your completed Halloween costumes with us! We love seeing what you come up with it!

Our super talented employee Annie made this adorable kitty costume for Halloween! She used our leopard printed stretch gold foil fabric and the dress is a pattern that she drafted herself! We all love how it turned out, it’s cute and fun without being too risqué (like so many store bought costumes). Annie really loves wearing it and is already planning on making another one out of the slate black foil, we can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Is your bedroom looking a little dreary? Time to spice it up with an easy DIY no sew project like curtains! You can use almost any type of fabric for a project like this! Cotton, drapery, upholstery or even a fashion fabric can all be easily transformed into a fantastic and fun curtain.

Supplies needed:

Fabric for your curtain. Determine how many yards you need by measuring the space you want to cover. My little bathroom window is 36″ wide and 20″ tall. I used an outdoor fabric that is 58″ wide and bought a yard of fabric. You want to make your panel wider than the width of the window so it looks nice and full. Usually multiply it by 1.5 or 2 to get the amount you need. For example: your window is 36″ wide you will want somewhere between 54″ and 72″ to create a good look. Don’t forget to add a few inches for seam allowance.

I’m just in love with chevrons right now (who isn’t) so decided to make my little bathroom curtain out of the indoor/outdoor chevron stripe in dark teal

Stitch Witchery is a fusible bonding web that you can use to hem all sorts of stuff. You’ll probably need one package for one panel.

Grommets optional. These create a great look but you could just have a pocket for the curtain rod to go through if that is what you prefer.

Iron, scissors.

 Cut curtain panel to the appropriate size if necessary. Starting with the two side seams of the panel you will turn under .5″ then again 1″.This way you will have a nice clean edge.

Do the same to the bottom seam of your curtain. On the top edge, fold over once at .5″ and again at 3″ to create enough space for the grommet or the curtain rod. This measurement might be different for you depending on the size of the grommet/rod you are using for your project. Refer to the directions for the hardware you purchase.

Next we will add the stitch witchery to the seam. Simply lay the webbing so it is sand-witched inside the folded side seams and iron down. The directions say to use the “wool” setting on your iron and press for about 10 seconds. Make sure to press both sides of the curtain and let cool before testing if it worked. If it didn’t work the first time, just do it again.






Press the stitch witchery in all the seams to finish your curtain. At this point if you are using a normal curtain rod and just want to string it through the pocket then your done! But if you want to add grommets then see below.

For curtain grommets you want to space the grommets out 6-8 inches apart to allow them to get nice an full. Draw a line in the center of the top hem and mark where you want the grommets to be. I put 6″ in between each grommet.

After placing all the grommets where you want them, trace the inner circle with a pen. Cut the circle out of the fabric and snap the grommets into place! Easp peasy lemmony squeazy!

You’re all done so go and enjoy your new curtain!