Here is another quick and easy holiday gift idea: handmade coin purse! These coin purses are easy to make and super cute! Best of all, they don’t take much fabric! You can get away with using a couple of fat quarters or some scraps from your fabric stash!

For my coin purse I used:

* One coin purse closure in gold

* 1/2 yard Echino hipster deer fabric in mustard for the outside

* 1/2 yard Dear Stella double dot in mustard for the lining

* E6000 glue

To create the pattern you need, you will first trace your purse frame, then add about 1/4″ seam allowance around the top. You will also need to mark 3/8″ after the hinges on either side.Once you have the top drawn, free hand the shape of the body of the coin purse, the wider the sides the more poof you will have.

Cut two pieces of the outer material and the lining material.

Pin with right sides together.

Sew up the sides, stopping at the hinge marks

Insert outer fabric in to lining with right sides together. Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew all around the top leaving about a 2″ opening on one side. Turn inside out, tucking the lining inside, then stitch the gap closed.

Time to glue the frame! Using a toothpick (or some kind of spreading tool), dab E600 glue inside the groove of your purse frame. I glued one side at a time in order to keep things neat (or at least try to, haha).

Once your glue is in place, wedge your fabric in to the groove.  It’s ok if there is some glue that spills out, you can easily wipe it up.

Let your glue dry, and you are all finished! Cute, simple, and easy holiday gift! What’s not to love!

Happy sewing!!


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