Button Bracelet Cuff Tutorial


A couple years ago I made a button bracelet cuff by sewing a bunch of my beloved vintage buttons onto a piece of elastic that fit around my wrist.  I always got complements whenever I wore it, but was a little embarrassed that it was just sewn onto plain black elastic.   This time I wanted re-make the bracelet into something a little nicer so I could dress it up and really showcase my favorite vintage buttons….

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Festive Gift Wrap! Plus Gift Bag Tutorial!

The holiday season and gift giving go hand in hand. This year, make your holiday wrapping job just as special as the gift inside! Fabric, ribbon, and cute trims are great ways to spice up a standard wrapped present. There are tons of gift wrap options, here are just some of the things you can do this holiday season:


Tulle! We have a bunch of different colored tulle that you can use in your holiday gift wrapping. Tulle is great for adding fun color to your presents, and it’s super easy to wrap with! All you need is a few yards of the color of your choice. To wrap, place your gift in the center, gather the tulle, then tie with a ribbon! Tulle makes great wrapping for plates of cookies and other tasty holiday treats!

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Simple, Quick, and Adorable Felt Snowflake Garland

It may still be sunny here in California, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a white Christmas (even if it is just felt).  Nothing says holiday decorating like snowflakes! This cute felt snowflake garland is the perfect way to give your home some quick holiday flare! Here is what you’ll need:

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Burda Style’s Sewing Vintage Modern

We have all been busy sewing our way through the new Burda Style Sewing Vintage Modern Book and we are so excited to show you a sneak preview of some of the garments that will be showcased at the book signing here at our store on Monday the 17th. If you are unaware of the book signing it will be here in our store on Monday December 17th from 3pm-6pm with The author of “Sewing Vintage Modern” Jamie Lau. We are all so excited so make sure you stop by and check it out, it’s going to be too much fun!

So there are five master patterns in this book and here are three of the patterns made by Hart’s Employees.

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Quick, Cute, and Festive Crochet Headband

Are you looking for a handmade gift to give to the woman who’s hard to shop for? Or are you looking for something festive to wear to this year’s holiday or New Years party? This crochet headband is just the thing to solve both of those problems! This headband had just enough sparkle to liven up your outfit, and the crocheted nature of it makes it thematically appropriate for winter. Plus, it’s quick and easy to do with a basic set of crochet skills!

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Elastic Hair Band, The Easiest Stocking Stuffer Ever!

So, the new rage for the upcoming year are these elastic hairbands that are supposed to be easier on your hair than normal elastic bands, eliminate the ponytail bump in your hair and are fun, bright, and fashionable.

These hairbands are available at Urban Outfitters and all over Etsy, but why buy them from someone else when you can make them yourself?!

All you need to do is cut off a 6″ or 7″ piece of fold over elastic,  tie it in a knot, and voila! Instant hair band! Warp them around a cute piece of card stock or cardboard and you’ve got a hip, instant stocking stuffer.

Hart’s carries a wide selection of colors and they all range in price from $0.99 a yard, (that’s 36″, you can get like 5 hair ties out of that!) and go up to $2.99.Just some of the colors we carry are pictured at the very top of this post.

That’s way cheaper then Urban outfitters that sell a set of 10 for $14.00 ( pictured above) and a set of 3 metallic bands for $6.00 (pictured below) you can make 5 metallic bands for $2.99! Click Here for all of Hart’s Fold-over Elastic.

Happy Crafting Everyone!!