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A couple years ago I made a button bracelet cuff by sewing a bunch of my beloved vintage buttons onto a piece of elastic that fit around my wrist.  I always got complements whenever I wore it, but was a little embarrassed that it was just sewn onto plain black elastic.   This time I wanted re-make the bracelet into something a little nicer so I could dress it up and really showcase my favorite vintage buttons….


Fabri-Tac Glue

Leather Scrap



Metal Zipper


magnetic clasp

Pearl Cotton Floss

Leather needle


Step 1:

Cut Leather scrap as wide as you would like it to be (mine is 3″ wide).

Measure around your wrist and add 2″(mine is 12″)

Cut zipper detail for each side of cuff 1″ shorter on each side (mine is 10″)


Step 2:

Sew on buttons in a pretty fashion onto leather…

I like to stack buttons and sew overlapping buttons onto each other for texture.

Make sure to leave 1″ of leather on each side of cuff that does not have buttons sewn on .

This is where you will be adding the magnetic clasp on each side.


Step 3:

Adding magnetic clasps is so easy and looks professional when you are done.

Use a sharp knife with point to pierce holes into leather then slide magnetic tabs through hole.

See below..


Once tabs are pushed through leather add washer.


Then push tabs flat against leather.




and Repeat again on the side of cuff.


Step 4:

Glue zipper onto wrong side of cuff.


Repeat..Glue zipper onto other side.


Step 5:

Place glue on the back of each magnetic closure and fold over for a clean finish.

Repeat on other side of cuff.


Step 6:

To cover all your stitches on the back side of cuff for a finished look,

cut a strip of leather or fabric that will cover it then glue down.


Let dry and Inside will be Finished!


Now that the back is dry. Try it on!


Your all done!  Hope you enjoyed making this bracelet as much as I did!




The New Years Eve party has to be the best party of the year. After all, it’s the last and first party of the year so it’s important to give the old a good send-off, and to ring in the new the right way. And that means adding the little flourishes to make the party dazzle.

These fun cake toppers can be made while your cupcakes bake, and this technique can be used year-round for all of your themed parties and holidays.



~ 1/4yd fabric (a fat quarter works too)

~ Skewers or toothpicks

~ Fabritac

~ Fray-check

~ Scissors

preparing the pieces

Cut out your desired shapes. You can cut out specific portions of novelty fabrics (animals, shoes, pirates etc.) or cut out generic shapes (hearts, stars etc.). I cut out 2 circles around the flowers, and 1 diamond shape to make each flag. Make your shapes bigger than you think because you will trim a bit later.



Trim your skewer down to size, then glue the skewer/toothpick in-between your circle shapes and squeeze to make sure they are secure. Then add some dots of glue near the perimeter of your shapes and squeeze to secure. Trim up your toppers if the shapes don’t match perfectly, then apply fray-check around the raw edges to keep your toppers from fraying.


To make the flags, glue your skewers in the middle of your diamond shapes and press to secure. Then put dabs of glue on each side of the flag and wrap around to secure. Trim up the edges, then apply fray-check.

done toppers

Before long you’ll have a nice little collection of adorable toppers that will delight your friends and family! The only remaining step is to decorate your cupcakes and then eat them!




The holiday season and gift giving go hand in hand. This year, make your holiday wrapping job just as special as the gift inside! Fabric, ribbon, and cute trims are great ways to spice up a standard wrapped present. There are tons of gift wrap options, here are just some of the things you can do this holiday season:


Tulle! We have a bunch of different colored tulle that you can use in your holiday gift wrapping. Tulle is great for adding fun color to your presents, and it’s super easy to wrap with! All you need is a few yards of the color of your choice. To wrap, place your gift in the center, gather the tulle, then tie with a ribbon! Tulle makes great wrapping for plates of cookies and other tasty holiday treats!


Ribbons! We have a massive selection of different types of ribbons; silk, satin, printed, metallic, wired, sequins, the list goes on and on! Ribbons really are the fastest and easiest way to make a big impression, there are so many different choices and fun ways to create a unique gift giving experience!

If you are feeling extra crafty, here is an easy to follow tutorial for a fabric gift bag:


All you need for this project is the following:

Outer fabric, I used Wide Essex Linen in Flax

Lining fabric, I used Kona Solid in Red

3/8″ Grosgrain ribbon for the drawstring, I used Petersham Rayon Grosgrain in Scarlet

I also added some of our adorable Retro Kitchen Ribbon as an optional decoration!


First cut out both the outer fabric and the lining, my pieces are about 25″ long and 9″ wide, then folded in half with the middle fold becoming the bottom of the bag. The size of your pieces will be determined by what you are planning on wrapping, just make sure you add an extra few inches to the top to accommodate the drawstring.


If you are planning on adding decorative ribbon, cut the pieces to fit your bag, and pin them in place on both sides.


Sew your ribbon in place!


Pin with right sides together.


Sew up the sides. On one side, leave a 3/4″ gap in the stitching about 3″ from the top of the bag. This will be the opening for the drawstring.


Sew your lining with right sides together, leave about a 3″ gap in the bottom on one side.


Insert the outer fabric into the lining with right sides together. Pin in place.


Sew the lining to the outer fabric.


Using the 3″ gap in the lining fabric, pull the outer fabric out so that the right sides of your fabric are facing out.


Sew up the gap in the lining.


Tuck the lining inside the outer fabric.


Using a straightedge, mark a 1″ casing around the 3/4″ gap left in the side seam to accommodate the drawstring.


This is how your marking should look.


Pin your outer fabric to your lining to keep it form moving while you sew the casing.


This is how your casing will look after you have finished sewing it up.


Insert you ribbon to your casing!


All finished and ready for your gifts!

Happy sewing!


Alexis Blog

IMG_0523There’s still plenty of time to whip out some homemade holiday gifts! Felt coasters are an easy and fun project that are great to give as a stocking stuffer!



Two wool felt squares

Wool Yarn

Felting Mat

Felt Needle Pen



Create a fun design to make your coasters unique. I decided to felt some yarn on the give a subdtle 3d effect!








Being carfull to keep your fingers away, punch the yarn through the felt. Do this until the yarn is securly attatched to the felt.

I added two layers of felt for the bottom and sewed through the coaster with one line of stiching just to reinforce it.

And that’s it! So easy, in 45 minutes I had 4 coasters made! The best part of this project is you can get creative and create any fun look for your coaster you’d like. Have fun!