Embroidery Hoop Dream Catcher Tutorial

Making a dream catcher can be a really fun project to do with friends or family! It promotes good energy and happy dreams. It also represents the spirit of the spider in Navajo culture, linking the weave of the spider web to weaving and other creative arts. Making and displaying a dream catcher embraces the creative energy in us all!

Traditionally, dream catchers were made with willow branches, sinew, feathers, and beads. Modern day provides modern material, so today’s dream catcher is made with the following:

Materials List

  • 1 skein of yarn (I only used a small fraction of the skein, so a small skein, or yarn scraps will work just fine! )
  • 1 Embroidery hoop
  • Multiple trims each cut at 2/3yard-1yard (add on more yardage for your favorite trims!)
  • Feathers
  • 1 DMC embroidery floss (I grabbed two to give myself color options!)
  • Scissors and glue

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Super Easy Cross Stitch Fabric Covered Buttons!

Fabric covered buttons are super cute, and a fun way to spice up a sewing project. By using aida cloth and cross stitching your own designs you can create adorable and unique buttons for your next project!

If you have never cross stitched before, you can follow our cross stitch tutorial: here.

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Burda Style Vintage Sewing Contest! Win $800 in Prizes!


This is a super fun contest that is being hosted by Burda Style and one of the many prizes is $100 to Harts fabric!

Here is all the info from their blog!

How to Enter:
Create a fashion sewing creation to showcase your take on giving a vintage look a modern spin. Use one of the following options as your starting point:

Option One: Make a creation using one or more master pattern(s) from the BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern book.

Option Two: Create one or more variation project(s) featured in the BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern book, which are based on the master patterns featured in the book.

Option Three: Create your own variation project using one or more master pattern(s) and/or variation project(s) from the BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern book.

Upload your project(s) with the words “BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern Contest 2013” included in the project title by February 8, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST. This project must be a new project, never previously posted on BurdaStyle.com. To be eligible, the project must link back to the pattern from which you based the project on. Only projects following these criteria will be considered for this competition. Limited to one entry per participant. However, you can make more than one project from the book and turn it into an outfit and submit as one entry (e.g., a blouse from the book paired with pants from the book).

On February 11, 2013, the BurdaStyle team will select and post 20 finalists in a slideshow gallery, which will be announced on the homepage. BurdaStyle community voting will be open from February 11, 2013 until 5:00 PM EST on February 15, 2013.

Top 20 Selection Criteria:
1. Creativity – In addition to following contest rules, we are also looking for projects that showcase your creativity and how you interpret the “vintage modern” essence of the sewing competition. We encourage you to alter, embellish, and style your garment to your own liking!
2. Craftsmanship – Show off your attention to detail and finishing skills! (This is where detail shots of your project really come in handy!)
3. Presentation – Make sure your individual creation gets the attention it deserves through quality photography and styling.

The Prizes:
Grand Prize – BurdaStyle Community Choice First Place: A $100 USD gift card to Hart’s Fabric, 3 yards of fabric from Spoonflower of the winner’s choosing, a $50 USD gift card to MOO that can be used toward the purchase of 40 postcards or 100 business cards, a fabric assortment from B&J Fabrics (approximately $550 USD in value), and a limited edition BurdaStyle tote bag. Yes, that’s right, the grand prize includes tons of high-quality fabric to add to your stash for creating more sewing projects!

BurdaStyle Community Choice Runner-Up: A $100 USD gift card to MOO that can be used toward the purchase of 80 postcards or 200 business cards and a limited edition BurdaStyle tote bag.

BurdaStyle Favorite: One lucky winner chosen by the BurdaStyle team will receive a travel iron. The BurdaStyle Favorite will be chosen from the 20 finalists in the voting slideshow.

This competition is open to all BurdaStyle members, no matter where you sew! BurdaStyle is such a vibrant, diverse and fun community of creative people – we can hardly wait to see what you guys come up with! Remember, the last day to post your projects is February 8, 2013, so start brainstorming, experimenting and sewing now! Click here for official rules and happy sewing!