A double oven mitt can make your life in the kitchen a lot easier and here is an easy to follow tutorial on how you can make a stylish accessory for your kitchen.


Supplies are simple you need:

1/2 of two contrasting fabrics

1 package if 1″ double fold bias tape

1/4 yard of Quilted insulated ironing board fabric

Pins or Safety Pins


Sewing Machine

making a template

To get started make a template from one of your fabrics, I made mine 30″ long and 8″ wide. I used a lid to one of my pots to make the curve on the ends, it seems appropriate.


Then continue to cut out the rest of the pieces. You should have a front and a back of the length, a piece of the insulation and 2 tops of the handles and two interior pieces of the handles.


Now take your three long pieces and pin them together like this.


Then sew the three of them together.


Now follow the quilting on the ironing board fabric and quilt the entire length of the pot holder. You can feel the stitches with your fingers and if you bend the whole thing you can see where to place your stitches.


Follow all the way through till you have the whole piece quilted like this.




Now we sew a basting stitch in the handles with wrong sides together, this is to just keep them together when putting on the bias tape.

handles basting

Now sew bias tape to the entry way of the handles to give them a finished look.

handles binding

Ok, now we are ready to put the whole thing together. Pin your bias tape around the perimeter of the pot holder with the handles an everything in place. Now Sew!



I like to do a double stitch around the edge to give it a fun look and more stability.




Now you can enjoy your new potholder in the kitchen!


Happy Sewing

-Dani X<3

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