Fabric covered buttons are super cute, and a fun way to spice up a sewing project. By using aida cloth and cross stitching your own designs you can create adorable and unique buttons for your next project!

If you have never cross stitched before, you can follow our cross stitch tutorial: here.


For materials, you will need:   aida cloth (I’m using 14 count), an embroidery hoop, DMC embroidery floss, a tapestry needle, and some blank covered buttons (I’m using the 1 1/2″ size).

Once you decide what size button you will be making, you can plan out your cross stitched image. If you would like to create the same buttons as me, you can use the free pattern.


Stitch up your first design, I started with this cute little bow!


Once you are done stitching, using the template on the back of the covered button package, cut out a circle with your design in the center.


Fold the fabric around the button.


Snap the baking on.


And you are all done, it’s that easy!


Now these cute little guys are all ready for your project! Once you start making covered button, you wont be able to stop! They are super easy, quick to make, and will make your project one of a kind!

Happy stitching!!


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