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2″x 8″ piece of chalkcloth

1/2 yd. decorative bias-tape

1/2 yd. of 3/8″ wide grosgrain ribbon

(2) snap fasteners

14″ scrap of ribbon for bow

Fabric-Tac Glue

Fray check



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This is a super easy, fun bracelet you can use for your shopping list or write your favorite qoute, affirmation etc.  Be creative and have fun with it!!!  First take your piece of chalkcloth and trim to appropriate size to fit your wrist and leave an extra inch for overlapping to add snaps.  Next, glue your decorative bias-tape to the 2 edges and trim extra off and fray check!  Then add your grosgrain ribbon over bias-tape! Add snap fasteners in two spots, make sure you insert on the right sides to close properly.

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Take your 14″ scrap of ribbon and make into a bow! Add bow over the top of the back of the snap fasteners to cover hardware! Secure with Fabric-Tac!

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Ok next you need to cure the chalkcloth! Get a piece of chalk and cover the entire surface  and wipe with a damp cloth, let dry and repeat the process and your chalkcloth is cured!!! Now you can write on your bracelet whatever you like!  Fabric shopping list, grocery list, daily affirmations, “Love” for Valentines Day, just be creative!!! Use chalk pens and remove writing with damp cloth!!!

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