We recently received some wonderful leather hides of all shapes and sizes and I have been dying to get my hands on some to play around with. What better way to start experimenting with a new material then a little clutch purse?

Materials Needed:IMG_6480

Leather scrap (size depends on the purse frame you use)

Purse Frame (I used the 8 1/2″ frame)

Lining fabric

E6000 Glue

scissors, measuring tape, rotary cutter

Some tips to sewing with leather:

I had the best luck using the heaviest universal needle I had on hand. Make sure it is a new one because it needs to be sharp. I used gutterman polyester thread and a half inch seam allowance.


straighten leathermeasureframemeasure


Take your leather piece and cut a straight line along one side. Square off that cut to create three sides of a perfect square. The longer your rectangle the longer the clutch will be.

Measure your purse frame from hinge to hinge and add 1 and 1/8th inches. (My purse frame is 8 1/2″ so my measurement came to 9 5/8″)

Cut the fourth edge of the leather to that measurement. (The total dimensions for my piece of leather cam out to 12″ by 9 5/8″) Cut your lining to the same dimensions.

measue sideseamsewseamslining

Measure the depth of the hinge on your purse frame. (2 1/2″ on mine). Then on your lining and your leather sew from the bottom up stopping before that measurement.



Referencing the photo above, put the lining and leather right sides together and sew the remaining distance on the side seam to the top. (2.5″ for mine)

purse liningfinish edge

Turn the lining to the inside. It should look like the photo to the left. Sew along the top of the purse to join the leather to the lining.

Next take your glue and run it along the top of the clutch. Insert into the purse frame.


Here are some problems I came across while dealing with the glue and the solution I found.


leather didn’t fit properly in frame and gaps farmed


I cut a skinny piece of leather the length of the frame and insert it to the inside of the frame to make the leather fit more snugly inside.


Glue got all over the place!


Let it dry and then you will be able to peel it off. Be patient, it’s a headache, but it will all come off.

PLease feel free to leave any comments if you come across any problems too!