This super cute faux fur collar is an easy project that sews up quickly! Faux fur is a fun way to spice up any outfit – plus, all of your friends will surely be jealous of your sewing skills and killer style!


Here is what you will need for this project: faux fur – I used an 18″x30″ fur fat quarter, 1/3 yard lining fabric, 1 yard of ribbon, thread, and scissors.

For my pattern, I traced the removable collar off a cardigan I already had – but you can draft your collar to any size you like.


To start, cut your faux fur on the fold.


Cut your lining on the fold.


Pin your pieces with right sides together.


Pin you ribbon at the closure of the collar with the ribbon ties sandwiched between the fur and the lining.


Sew it up!


Be sure to leave a couple inch gap at the inner curve of the collar, this is where you will turn the collar right side out.


After you turn your collar right side out, use a small brush to comb any trapped fibers out of the seams.


Stitch up your gap in the lining

Now your collar is basically finished, however, I though it would be fun to add a couple of pom poms to the ends of my ribbon ties! It’s an easy extra step, and it’s super cute!


Cut out two circles of fur. Mine have a 2″ diameter.


Next, run a basting stitch around the circumference of the circle


Pull the basting stitch tight cinching the circle into a ball. Insert the end of your ribbon into the opening and securely stitch in place!


All finished!

Happy sewing!!


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