blog.multi.taskerHi Guys, I hope everyone is enjoying the Anna Maria Horner Multi-Tasker Sew along! We are all so excited that you chose to join us on this fabulous journey to an awesome tote bag.

In this post we are going to go over a couple tricky parts of making the the tote. This bag already has great instructions to follow but we are here to help if you have any problems along the way, so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you have about any part of the pattern.

Alright so by now you should have the inside of your tote done, which was pretty simple right? Okay now we are going to move on to constructing the outside of the bag, which looks much more complicated then it actually is.

Now you have 4 pieces to constrict the outside of your bag: 2 pocket pieces and 2 exterior pieces. They suggest that you use fusible facing on the exterior pieces to help your bag stand better.

Multi-Taker2First your going to take one pocket piece and one exterior piece and sandwich them together with wrong sides out matching the curved part of the pattern piece. its okay that the pocket piece is longer at the top because it will be folded over later to keep the straps in place.  Pin and sew.  Notch the curve so that it will turn right side out more smoothly. Now you are going to take the other pocket piece and sandwich it to the same exterior piece that you just sewed the other pocket to matching up the other curves with wrong sides facing out and follow the same steps. now your going to do the same thing with the other exterior piece matching up the curves with wrong sides facing out and sew and notch. As you can see from the photo above  you’re basically making a box here with opposite sided in matching fabric.  Make sure the you do not sew the sides together, just the curves because the sides get sewn in later.


Okay, so now we can sew the sides. So what your going to do is pull the pockets up and match the sides together and pin and then match the sides of the exterior pieces together and pin. We are going to do one stitch here to sew the pocket sides and the exterior sides together, the instructions kinda make this a little more complicated then it seems, don’t be scared, its super easy! The repeat on the other side and your sides are done, for the most part the next part is also not as complicated as it seems. Multi-Tasker5

So now pull the pockets out and flatten them too look like the photo, I wish there was a better diagram of this in the instructions because i got a little confused here but once I figured it out, it was like “oh duh.” any how once it looks like this you take just the pocket panel and sew the bottom together completing the pocket.  Now pin the pocket panel to the exteriors just as its shown here to make the one pocket into two pockets when you turn it right side out. So pin down the pocket and flip it inside out and then we stitch in the ditch!Multi-Tasker7

So here is my bag shown pinned and we are just going to follow the seam of the side and stitch in the ditch like this:


Make sure to just follow where the exterior is, you don’t want to stick too high because it will make your pockets wonky.

Now we should sew the exterior bottoms together.

Multi-Tasker9First just stitch the bottoms together and then we are going to do the same box stitches that we did for the interior of the bag.


Snip the triangles and you have completed the exterior of your bag! Yay! See , so far this tote is super easy and fun!

Join us again same time next week for the next part of the tote!


* note, the photo above is taken before I sewed my bottom in so that’s why it might not look exactly like yours, in fact yours should look better 😉


Happy Sewing

-Dani X<3

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