Minkee fabric is super soft and great for making adorable plush toys! It doesn’t take a lot of fabric to create a cute one of a kind toy! Here is what you’ll need:


Minkee – I used 1/3 yard Turquoise Dimple Dot Minkee – how much you need will depend on the size plush you are making, buttons for eyes, thread, stuffing, and a marking pen.


My wacky plush guy (who I’ve named Kevin) was drawn freehand, I wanted him to be a fun shaped little critter so I just doodled a bit until he was born.  Have fun with it!


Trace your pattern onto the wrong side of you fabric, make sure to mark where you want your buttons to be for the eyes.


Sew your button eyes onto the right side of your fabric! You can also add a face with embroidery floss, have fun!


Pin your front and back pieces with right sides together.


Sew the pieces together using your traced pattern lines as a guide. Be sure to leave a 2″ opening at some point (I put mine between Kevin’s legs), you will need the gap so that you can flip it right sides out.


Cut around your shape close to the stitch lines.


Using the gap left in the stitching, turn right sides out!


Stuffing time!


After you have completely stuffed it, hand stitch the gap closed.


There you have it! An adorable little plush creature! Now go have fun with him!

Happy sewing!!


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