IMG_1275 Here is a great tutorial on the sorbetto top from Colette patterns which is a free download that you can get right here. This is a great pattern because it’s simple, chic and great for summer, which is sneaking up on us fast. If you’ve never printed out a PDF pattern before, it’s really simple. Just print the pattern and follow the triangles with letters to match up the corresponding pages and then tape and cut out at your correct size. This pattern already comes with great instructions but sometimes seeing it done makes life a lot easier so I hope you get inspired and make your own sorbetto. First you will need 1 1/2 yds of either 44″ or 60″ fabric. I chose a leopard print rayon fabric from Anna Maria Horner. The you will either need 1 package of 1/2″ bias tape, bias tape by the yard or you can make your own bias tape, you will need 3 yards total. First tape and cut your pattern. photo 21 Cut your fabric out to the correct size. ph2oto 2 Then you will take the front piece and mark your darts and sew them. Press down. photo2 4 photo 1 Now we are going to make the fun front pleat that gives this top such a fun look. Mark your fabric where the pleat is indicated on the fabric. pho2to 3 Fold in half matching up the marks with fabric face out and sew a straight line down the center. photo2 5 Now press the pleat flat. photo 2     Now with faces of fabric together take both the front and the back of the blouse and sew the tops of the straps and the side seems. photo 4 photo 3 Were almost done! Incredible right?… such a cute top in so little time! Now press a 1/4″ hem at the bottom of the top and sew in place. photo1 1 Now on to the bias tape finish. Unfold your tape completely and with the right side of the tape facing the right side of your top pin the tape into place all around the arm hole. photo1 2 Once its pinned stitch along the very top crease of the bias tape leaving a little bit of a gap with a tail of bias tape on each end to finish it off in place. phot1o 3 once you reach your gap then sew the ends of the tape together leaving enough space to finish the arm hole, cut off extra and sew bias tape down all in place.  pho1to 4 ph1oto 5 photo 5 This technique gives you a great finished look to your garment without having to do a rolled hem. Repeat the bias tape steps on the other arm hole and along the neck line, trim your threads and that’s it! IMG_1264 This is a fun simple top to get creative with. Experiment with different prints and different bias tapes, or even add a fun lace trim or buttons to the front pleat! I hope you all enjoy the sorbetto! IMG_1273


Happy Sewing -Dani X<3

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