SYHOS-Blog-BannerWoooo!! Week three of sew your Hart out September! Remember to get you machines serviced if your running them too much! ( We service machines in our Santa Cruz location now if you guys need a tune up!)

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So we have a really exciting week planned for all of you guys. We have some great guest bloggers this week from the South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guilt and these ladies are not just quilters, their quilts truly are works of art. We are so lucky to have them as a part of our sewing community and so happy that we can provide a space here in our store for these lovely ladies to have their monthly meetings.

We are so excited about this week because the tutorials are fabulous! So defiantly check in with us tomorrow and Thursday to get some wonderful new techniques to add to your existing quilting skills or be inspired to make your very first quilt! Here is a sneak peek of whats coming up in these tutorials:

IMG_0708 IMG_0693 IMG_0698

IMG_0720 IMG_0682 IMG_0718

Saturday we will have a great Quilting Demo in our store at 1:oopm that you wont want to miss, so make sure you stop by our Santa Cruz Store!

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Just Keep Sewing….. Just Keep Sewing! :) Have a great week everyone and enjoy our quilting week!