IMG_3263Thanksgiving is coming up fast and these quick and easy placemats are a perfect last minute project.  It seriously took me less than an hour to make!  We have many burlap colors and prints to choose from here.  Now lets get started.

Supplies: ( makes two 18″x12.5″ placemats)

-1/2 yard green burlap

-3/8 yard printed burlap


Tape measure


Sewing machine

IMG_3236Step #1:

First cut your printed burlap into two 12.5″x 18″ pieces.  Then cut your solid burlap fabric into two 15.5″x 21″ pieces.  Pin the printed burlap on top of green burlap with even space on all 4 sides or you can incorporate the already frayed selvage edge on one side instead of fraying all four sides ( shown in pic).  If you do it this way you will pin printed burlap 1″ from edge of frayed green burlap leaving extra room on the other three sides.

IMG_3240Step #2:

Now stitch with 1/2″ seam allowance around the edge of printed burlap.  Take out pins.

IMG_3242Step #3:

After stitching printed burlap to the green burlap you will straight stitch a 1/2″ seam allowance on the green burlap bordering the printed burlap on all 3 sides (selvage edge already done).

IMG_3243Step #4:

Cut 1/2″ border around stitched line on green burlap.

IMG_3247Step #5:

Pull all threads running along stitch line on all sides to create the frayed edge.  The stitch line prevents it from fraying past the 1/2″ border.

IMG_3248This is what it will look like after fraying the edges.  We are almost done!

IMG_3250Step #6:

Fold over frayed edge and pins on all sides.

IMG_3251Step #7:

Sew down frayed edge to printed burlap side.  Stitch right on top of 1/2″ stitch line you made earlier.  This will give you a line to sew on, which will make it easy for you to sew while giving you a perfect straight stitch on edge.

IMG_3252Stop sewing before you get to each corner so you have time to fold in the corner like you would on a mitered edge for a nice clean look.

IMG_3256Up-close view of corner

IMG_3258Step #8:

Cut a rectangle big enough to fit desired silverware.  Mine is 5″x8″

IMG_3260Step #9:

Fold over opening of pocket and stitch down to create clean edge at pocket opening.  Next stitch down green burlap pocket with a 1/2″ border.  After it is stitched down fray around the pocket sides like you did on the placemat border.

IMG_3264Step #10:

I had some scraps left over so I cut out a mustache and glued it onto pocket.  If I thought of this earlier I would have sewed it onto pocket before I sewed it onto placemat.  Oh well, live and learn!

IMG_3263Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I had fun making it!  We would love to see your holiday projects you are working on.  Please post your project pics on our Facebook Fanpage for a chance to win $50 gift certificate.

Happy Holidays,

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