Making your own grocery bag is quick and easy and these days, who can have enough. I don’t like using those flimsy nylon bags because they aren’t very strong and the  shape doesn’t allow for maximum groceries. A a rectangular bottom bag made out of a nice weight home decor fabric it much better. It only take half a yard of fabric and about 2 yards of webbing to create this fun bag!


Take your half yard of fabric and fold it in half along the width so you have a rectangle that is 18″ by about 27″. I took off about 5 inches from the top of the bag because I didn’t want it to be so big. Next sew along the side seams.


Next hem the top of the bag by folding over 5/8″ then sew down. Place your webbing where you want it and top stitch it down on both sides.


With right sides together, sew the bottom edge of the bag. On the bottom seam, measure about 3″ in from the corner and mark on both ends.



To create the rectangular bottom, fold the bag so the bottom lies flat with the seam laying in the center. Draw a straight line from your mark and sew. Then trip the access or simply fold it down to the center inside the bag.

That’s it! Your done! Enjoy your new grocery bag!