This is a simple intermediate project, or a more advanced beginner project. Any way you look at it this top is simple and in-style right now. With spring and summer just around the corner you can whip up a bunch of these and be the coolest gal on the block. Okay so this project is awesome because you only need 1 yard of a poly-chiffon, or silk chiffon fabric and… ready for the awesome part?…. NO IRONING! WOOO. Okay, supplies list:

1 yard of  chiffon. I used this awesome ikat poly chiffon in black but we have it in pink and aqua too.

4mm rolled hemmer foot, you can purchase the one I used here.




and Your Machine

Thats it! Lets get started.

First cut your fabric in half hamburger way20140203_192332_resized

Then we are going to make two squares, mine were 28″ by 28″ but I’m an XL so you may want to trim this down a bit depending on your size.20140203_192521_resized

Now heres the cool part, we are going to finish all 4 corners of both of our squares using the rolled hem foot. We are basically doing all of our finishing work first and it will make the inside of your garment look just as nice as the outside.


To start your rolled hem roll your fabric over twice and then place it under your rolled hem foot feeding the fabric into the twirl. As you start sewing the foot will do most of the work for you. You may have to help it a little but it makes a pretty hem with no ironing. With fabrics like poly chiffon they won’t iron any way so your going to be in love with this foot if you love working with poly chiffon fabrics.


This is how great the stitch looks. You can see how little it is compared to my finger:


Now after you sew up all 8 edges we are going to pin where we want our shoulder and side seams.



My shoulder seams are 5″ long and my side seams are 10″ long ( again you may have to adjust this depending on your size)


The most important thing when you are pinning is make sure the bottom hem and the ends of the shoulder seams are lined up and tight so you don’t have wonky edges.

After you pin we have 4 straight stitches with our normal foot, two shoulders and 2 sides.


Now we are done.


This top with all of the finishing took me a little over an hour to make. Super Easy!




Enjoy your new blouse!

-Dani  X<3