I went shopping last week with my sister and all we  saw at the mall were lace dresses, lace shirts, lace skirts and lace scarves.   My sister even bought a lace dress to wear to a friends wedding.  I came home inspired to make something out of lace for myself.    We just got in so many new laces at the store and lace is obviously in fashion right now,   so I thought what a perfect time to bust out a lace skirt tutorial.

This stretch lace pencil skirt is sooo easy to make that I finished mine in under an hour.  We will not be using a pattern, all you need is your favorite pencil shaped skirt, which we will trace for a skirt pattern.  You will not need any zippers or elastic either!  How awesome is that?!


-favorite pencil skirt

-1/2 yard stretch lace

-1/2 yard stretch jersey, interlock knit or ponte knit

tailors chalk


-sewing machine with matching thread and ball point needle


Step # 1:  Pick out your fabric.


You could either match the color of your lace to the jersey lining or you could go for a contrasting color like I did.  These were the two lace fabrics that I was debating between.    After a couple co-workers opinions and much debating  I finally decided to go with the navy interlock for the lining and the turquoise stretch lace for the outside of the skirt.

Step #2:  Trace your pencil skirt



Lay your favorite pencil skirt down on your fabric in the direction you would like it to go and trace around the skirt with chalk 5/8″ around the outline of the skirt.  The reason we are chalking it at 5/8″ beyond your skirt is for your seam allowance.  I loved how the selvedge edge looked on the lace and wanted to make that the bottom of my skirt.  I thought it would look great and it would be less work because now I do not have to sew the hem.  Yea!

Step #3:  Cut out the Fabric

As you can see I am cutting through two layers of fabric.  (for the skirt front and skirt back)  This will save you some time cutting two layers at once.  Repeat for the lace fabric too.

Step #4:  Pinning the Fabric

Pin the front and back of skirt panels with right sides facing each other up the side seams.  Pin lace to lace and jersey to jersey as if you are making two separate skirts.

Step #5:  Sewing the side seams

Stitch each side seam along where you pinned, sewing each skirt sides separately right sides facing in.  Remember to sew with a zigzag stitch when sewing with stretchy fabric so your thread will not break when you put the garment on.

Step #6:  Putting it together.

Turn sewn skirt  to the right side facing out.  Then insert lining (face out) into the lace skirt (face out) and pin along the waist band matching the lining to the lace.  Then sew a zig-zag stitch around the the waist joining the two layers together.

Step #7:  Cutting out and inserting the skirt facing.

Cut two 5″ Strips of fabric from your leftover lining fabric  and chalk mark the waist line on each side.  Then  match front and back facing right side together and pin down the sides.  Next zig-zag stitch along chalk marks on each side of facing.   Pin the facing right side of facing to the lace on the outer edge of waist band and stitch all the way around the waste attaching the facing to the skirt with a zig-zag stitch.

After you stitch the facing to the skirt you will then zig-zag stitch the leftover seam allowance down to the facing so it will lay nicely inside the skirt.  The pics below give you a visual of what this will look like.

Step 7:  Wear your new skirt!