French Knot Embroidery Tutorial

Have you noticed how embroidery seems to be all over fashion right now? Well I have been OBSESSED with learning all I can about it so I can start embellishing my garments. A little hand sewn touch on a project goes a long way to making it look unique, fashionable and simply stunning. I can’t tell you how many complements I have gotten on this blouse and I really think its all about the french knots (and of course the wonderful Cloud 9 fabric from the Palos Verdes Collection).

You can use many different types of embroidery thread, embroidery floss, or other decorative thread. For my project I selected a size 8 Pearl Cotton. It’s 2-ply and just had a wonderful end result.

The first thing I did was mark where I want to have my french knots with a water erasable marker.

Mark you dot placement

You will need a nice flat service to work on and you will need both your hands on top of your project. I personally prefer not using a hoop for french knots because it gets in the way more than be helpful but that’s just me.

I started my thread from the back in the seam for the armhole. I knew I was going to sew over it for my bias binding and that way it would be nice and secure.

Insert your needle from the back to the front at one of your points. Pull the thread tight.

Next wrap the thread around your needle two or three times depending on how big you want the knot to look. Hold on nice and firmly to that thread so keep the twisted thread looking good.

wrap thread 2 or three times

run needle through fabric3

Point the needle down into your fabric and before pulling it through, slide the twisted thread to the tip.

Now, holding on tight to your thread. Push the needle through your fabric. I like to put my finger on top of the knot once my needle goes through to hold it tight.

For those who are a little more visual I have a video below. It’s down and dirty with no sound but it should get the point across for you :)

What things will you embroider with French Knots?

Signing Out!