Have you found your favorite way to make bias tape yet? I feel like more and more fun and creative ways to make and apply bias tapes are coming out in tutorials everyday! I think we all have our own unique way of doing it!

One of my favorites is the continuous bias tape method. This allows you to make one long stripe of bias tape without have to piece a bunch of small pieces together. It gives you a neat diagonal seem so your bias tape doesn’t get too bulky on your garment. I love to make up a bunch of bias tape out of fabric I love so whenever I need it to finish a seam or bind a blanket, I already have some ready to go. Plus it really livens up my sewing room :)

Tools you need:

Bias tape yield chart

Bias Tape Conversion Chart

Step One

Lay out your fabric





Fold the corner of your fabric to create a 45 degree angle like the picture below. Cut along that line.


Attach the piece you cut off to the other end of your fabric like the image below. Use a 1/4″ seam to sew them together.


Now mark the lines to help you cut out your bias tape depending on how wide you want it.


Sew the fabric in a tube in a way that lines ip the markings you made. You want the lines to create a spiral pattern down the fabric.


Below  is what mine looks like. It is very important to line up your markings when you sew your seam together. I found it helpful to pin the fabric to make sure it is sewn accurately.


See in the picture below how the lines will match up after the seam is sewn together.


Now all you have to do is cut along your line and you should get one long piece!


There are a few ways to finish off your bias tape. If you have a bias tape maker its easy to feed the fabric through and press it with your iron to finish off. Sometimes its a little difficult to get is started so taking a pin or needle to feed it through is helpful.





If you don’t have a bias tape maker then simply use your iron.

Fold the bias tape in half and press. Then unfold and press the two sides towards the center to finish off.

And thats it! Now go crazy and make more bias tape then you’ll ever need because it’s so much fun!

What do you most commonly use bias tape for?

Signing off!