We always notice the cutest clothing on Mod Cloth that is made from our exact fabrics.  All of these garments are really cute but can cost a pretty penny, and can actually be made for cheaper by buying the fabric and the pattern here at Harts, plus you get the satisfaction of saying “I made this!”

This first is this sweet little gingham dress that we found: gingham-dress

The fabric you can purchase here: Robert Kaufman Fabric Black & White Gingham

The Pattern You can get here: Colette Parfait Dress


The next dress is this adorable light house retro dress. We carry the exact same fabric, and the hawthorn pattern is almost identical. Make this dress for half the price!light-house-dress


You can purchase the fabric right here: Light House Cotton Blue

You can get the pattern right here: Colette Hawthorn Dress


The Next dress is this super simple wide stripe a-line dress that with a few simple modifications is the Peony Dress without sleeves.Stripe-dress


You can get the awesome fabric here: Michael Miller Thick Stripe Black

You can get the easy pattern here: Colette Peony Dress Pattern


And finally, this amazing unicorn dress… we already were in love with this fabric but now we know exactly what to do with it… make this dress!!


You can get this amazing fabric here: Majestic Unicorn Dreams Cotton

The easy pattern is right here: Colette Peony Dress Pattern


Enjoy making these dresses, Hope you feel inspired!

-Dani X<3