I can’t go into any store these days without seeing simple maxi skirts made out of knit jerseys. They charge so much for a skirt that takes about a 1 1/4 yards of fabric so I decided to make myself one!

Maxi skirt tutorial


We have so many knit fabrics here at Hart’s that would be absolutely wonderful for this project. I had a really hard time time choosing!

Here are a few of the many fabulous options!

Mariner Stripe Bamboo Knit

Mariner Stripe Bamboo Knit

White Stripe Knit Jersey

White Stripe Knit Jersey

Coral Chevron Knit

Coral Chevron Knit

I choose the Mariner Stripe bamboo knit on the top left.

All right, Let’s get started!


Measurements needed:

Waist measurement: Measure around your waist where you want your skirt to sit on your body (not necessarily your natural waist. I got 40″

Hip Measurement: Measure around the largest part of your hip. I got 41″

Skirt length: Measure from where you took your waist measurement to the floor. I got 38″

Hem Measurement: I added 4 inches to the hip measurement to get my hem measurement. Next time I think I would add more though to have a more flowing skirt.

Take ease out of your measurements:

Because we are dealing with stretchy fabrics we have to take 1″ out of each of our measurements. Here are mine.

Waist =39″

Hip= 40″

Hem= 45″


  • Take out your pattern paper and draw the following diagram.
  • Make a straight line down the center for the length of your skirt.
  • Draw a perpendicular line at the top to mark your waist.
  • Measure down 7″ and draw another perpendicular line for the hip line.
  • Mark your waist measurement and hip measurement in the proper place.
  • Drop the center front line .5″ and use a hip curve to get a nice line.
  • Connect your side seams using a hip curve.
  • Draw your side-seams.

Waistband Waistband-draft

  • Draw a line that equals your waist measurement
  • Square down and up three inches.
  • On the center line, measure in from the sides .75″



Cut your pattern out of your fabric. You need to cut 2 each.

cut waistbandCut out your skirt









Sew up your skirt!maxi skirt tutorial sew

I used a serger to sew mine but if you don’t have one use the knit stitch on your machine. See the image below for reference.Sew sideseams

Sewing instructions

  • Sew the side-seams together on your skirt.
  • Sew the side-seams together on your waistband.
  • Fold your waistband in half and with right sides together, sew the waistband to the skirt.
  • Hem your skirt. I used the Sew waistbandrolled hem on my machine but you could also use a double needle, coverstitch, or leave it raw.


Enjoy your new Maxi Skirt!

Katrina signing out :)


Maxi skirt tutorial

Waistband detail