This is a simple project that is great for beginners and sewists of advanced skills too who need to make some awesome gifts for a baby shower or for their own bundle of joy. These taggy blankies are becoming increasingly more popular because they stimulate baby’s sensory skills and help with their developing brain, and they are super soft! I’ve seen these taggy blankets at different stores and range in cost from $10-$16 but you can make one here with supplies from Harts for about $8.50 and have enough minky left over to make another one, so you are defiantly getting more bang for your buck making these little guys. So here is what you’ll need:


1/3 Yard of a Minky Fabric. I used Fuchsia Minky.

Then, you will need 1/2 yard cuts of 4 different textured ribbons. I used:

1/2 yard of Pink Mushroom Ribbon

1/2 yard of Pink Satin Ribbon

1/2 yard of Purple Dotted Grosgrain Ribbon

1/2 yard of Pink Woven Dotted Ribbon

You Will Also need:

Plenty of Pins


And Your machine, I’m using the Janome 2014

Okay lets get started.

First you will want to cut off 2 pieces of minky that are 12″X 12″, 1/3 yard is already 12″ so its just one simple cut with the fabric folded.



You will have 2 pieces of minky that look like this:


Now were going to cut our ribbons into tags, They do not all need to be the same size but make them at least 2″ long and no longer than 3″. A little bit of variation here will make the tags more interesting to baby.


So now that we have all out tags cut we are going to start assembling the blankie. You want to put the minky piece with right sides together and now we are going to fold the ribbon in half with the fold on placed on the inside with the raw edges matching the raw edges of the fabric like this:


You can see that I’ve folded back the top layer of minky to get correct placement of my ribbon tag. Now lay the top piece of minky over the ribbon and pin through all layers keeping them all in place, like this:


You are going to repeat this all the way around the blanket putting 5 tags evenly spaced along each side of the blanket. The spacing does not have to be perfect, all variation will make the blankie more interesting for baby.

When you are finished you will have something that looks like this:7

Now we are going to sew. Start in the middle of one of the sides at the beginning of one tag, sew over the tag and continue sewing along the side.


When you get to a corner leave your needle in the down position, lift the pressure foot and rotate your fabric. This method will give you a perfect corner without any skipping. Continue sewing until you get to the last tag before the one you started with, end there and leave the opening to turn your blankie right side out.


Now before you turn your blankie right side out snip the corners like this:

It will make the corner lay flatter.


Now flip your blankie right side out, be sure to use something to poke out the corner to make the blankie lay flat. Now you should have something that looks like this:


Now we are going to top stitch along the edge to give the blanket a polished look and close the gap from where you flipped it right side out.


Start your stitch where the gap is so you know you get that closed up properly, then continue to top stitch along the outer edge using the down needle position again for the corners to give you a clean stitch again.

Now you will have a finished Taggy Blankie! The pinning of the tags is what takes the longest for this project, but even with that, this project should take no longer than a half hour so make a bunch! Great way to use up ribbon scraps and make something that is home made and be special for baby!



-X<3 Dani

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