We just got these awesome key chain supplies in the store.  They make such a quick and easy project.  You can even make this a no sew project by using Fabri-tac to glue the ribbon to webbing instead of stitching.  This is a great project for small ribbon or fabric scraps from left over projects.  Now lets get started….



-10″ ribbon (I used 3/4″ wide ribbon)

-10″ webbing (The webbing needs to be 1″ wide, which is same width of key chain)

-1″ key chain fob

-fabri-tac glue


Step 1:

Cut your chosen webbing and ribbon 10″ long.  Place small bead of glue down center of webbing and attach ribbon.  Let dry before sewing.  This will help keep ribbon in place as you sew down sides or if you don’t want to sew just add a couple more beads of glue on sides to secure ribbon.


Step 2:

Sew down each side of ribbon onto webbing.  Use side of webbing as a guide to help keep your sewn line straight.  *Tip*If you are not good at sewing straight lines yet just pick a thread that matches ribbon so it will not show.


Step 3:

Add a little glue into the key fob to make it extra secure when you place the ribbon and webbing inside.


Step 4:

Press down metal clamp key chain with ribbon and webbing in center.  Pressing firmly on hard surface worked great for me.  You could also use pliers to clamp it shut too.  Let it dry and you got yourself a unique key chain that no one else has.


Hope you have as much fun making these key chains as I did.  Any questions about this project please comment below.  Have fun!