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So, I’m currently 7 months pregnant and was researching about the different kinds of wrap style baby carriers, and let me tell you… they are expensive! I love how beneficial they are for baby and mom but spending upwards of $50 for one just seemed a little bit much, plus they are all solid and not as cute as I would like them to be. So here is a tutorial on how to make one for  way less. I chose a knit spandex blended fabric from the line Arizona from Art Gallery Fabrics. Fabrics that would work great for this project are: Bamboo Knits, Organic Cotton Knits, and Modal Knits. The organic cotton knits do not have as much stretch to them but that would be great for carrying slightly older children that are a little heavier, while the stretchier fabrics are great for newborns up to 1 year old.

So for supplies you need 1 2/3 of a fabric that is 59/60″ wide

again this is the fabric I used: Desert Blanket Knit Peach

image 1

I love this print! Okay so our first step is we are going to cut the fabric into three pieces from the full width of the fabric. You want to make sure the strips are 19″ wide. Most wraps are about 25″ wide, but after trying one on I felt it was too wide, so I shortened it a little.

image 2

After your cuts you should have three pieces that look like this: image 3

Now on one end of two strips we are going to add a taper so that the wrap will be easier to tie.  Fold one strip long ways and we are going to use a yard stick or a measuring tape to add a taper that is about 18″ like this: image 4image 5

Remember just do this to one side of your strip and then grab another strip and repeat this step on just one side of that strip.

You should now have three pieces that wen laid out look like this:image 6

Now we are ready to sew. I finished my project using a serger, but if you do not own a serger you can use a straight stitch to connect the pieces and then leave the edges raw. It may not be as polished if you do not use a serger but it will work just the same. So we are first going to sew the three pieces together serging the large ends together leaving the tapered edges on the end like this:

image 7

Make sure you have the right sides together!

Now repeat this step on the other side attaching the other strip of fabric. Your seam should look like this:

image 8

Now we are just going to serge around the entire outside of the whole wrap to finish the edges like so:

image 9

And thats it! You should now have a 5 yard wrap! Here is how to use your new wrap:

image 10image 11image 12image 13image 14image 15

Volla! This cost me $28 but I think its way cuter than any other wrap and, as always when you make something you get the satisfaction of saying “Oh I made it!”

Make these for yourself and your own children or make one for a mom to be, makes a great baby shower gift!