Akita Pattern Hack From Haley at Colette Patterns



beauty-04I love patterns. This is a statement that is probably not a surprise coming from a sewing enthusiast, but it is true. Vintage and modern alike, some of my favorite things in my stash are patterns. I think this can be attributed to the fact that I learned to sew and make patterns simultaneously. I had been sewing for almost 5 years before I ever used a sewing pattern.

The day I first used a commercial sewing pattern the clouds parted and angels sang. Since then I have been hooked. I like to think of commercial sewing patterns as a really great pre-made template. I love choosing a silhouette or style that I like, and then making small adjustments until it feels crafted just for me. My favorite adjustment to make to any top is lengthening into a dress. It’s like I am getting two patterns for the price of one. When I laid eyes on the first sample of Seamwork’s Akita I knew instantly that an Akita Dress was in my near future.

The best part is, Akita is a one piece pattern, this makes it seriously easy to whip up in one hour. No joke, I made this sample in less than 60 minutes.

Here is what you’ll need:

* The Akita Blouse from Seamwork Magazine
* The yardage required for your size plus 3/4 to 1 yard medium to lightweight woven. I used this awesome Lotta Jansdotter cotton
* Pattern paper
* Hip curve ruler
* Clear ruler
* Pen or Pencil

1. Trace Akita in your size onto a large piece of pattern paper leaving ample room near the hem to to lengthen at both front and back. Be sure to transfer all markings.


2. The side seam notch indicates the waistline of Akita. On the blouse front, draw a line perpendicular to the grainline from the center of the pattern to the side seam on both front and back. Cut along this line. Repeat on blouse back.

3. Measure your hip depth. This is the length between your natural waist and the fullest part of your hip. On a separate piece of pattern paper, draw two parallel lines that are this distance apart. Draw a third line perpendicular to these lines, this will serve as your new center front.


5. Align the front blouse with these reference lines, Tape to secure. Repeat on blouse back.

4. Measure the fullest part of your hip. Divide this number by 4 and add 1 1/2″. At the hip line (the lowermost parallel line  draw in step 3) measure this distance from the center front and mark with pen. Repeat on blouse back.


5. Use a hip curve and a pen to draw a gentle curve, connecting the waist point to the hip point, extend the line to the hem. Repeat on blouse back.


6. Use a ruler to extend the hem to connect with the side seam. Add desired hem allowance. Repeat on blouse back.

Now you are ready to sewing your Akita dress following the pattern instructions. You will go from cutting to looking awesome in your new dress in just an hour!



-Haley @ Colette Patterns