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If you are anything like me, you might be crafting right up until Christmas Day! Here are a few really quick, very last minute ideas. Maybe you just found out your third cousin Robert is coming to the Holiday Party and you want to whip him something up real quick :)

produce bag

Organic Produce Bag


Quick and Easy Pot Holder


Easy Placemats and Napkins

key chain

Easy Key Chain

headbandand bow ties

Baby Headband and Bow Ties

grocery bag

Grocery Bag


Easy Eye Glasses Case


Dingle Ball Scarf


Baby Bib Tutorial

Happy Holidays and Happy Sewing!


The holidays are the best time to get deals on the best sewing machines out there! So tell your family members now that you want a new sewing machine and it won’t be too much of a burden on them ūüėČ I have been sewing with a Janome since I started sewing too many years back to remember. Janome makes sewing easy. Rarely do you have to deal with looped threads, tension problems, or any of the other things that make you pull your hair out during the everyday sewing process. Sewing can be hard enough without struggling with silly machine problems. We are so proud of our Janome Sewing machines that we are dying to get more of them out into our community of sewers. That’s why we are dramatically dropping our prices for a limited time only!

Today we will talk about the 4120QDC.

Janome 4120QDC Great Machine for quiltersThe 4120QDC is an excellent, midrange, all around sewing machine. The “QDC” stands for “Quilters Decor Companion” meaning its great for quilters, home decor, or anything else you can think of. The majority of the sewing I have done on this machine is for fashion projects. My favorite features are:

Memorized needle up/down function: This means while you are sewing, every time you take your foot off the pedal the machine will bring the needle all the way to the down position or up position. Lots of machines do this nowadays but if you are in the market for any machine, make sure it has this feature! For me the biggest difference this makes is more control over bigger projects so it doesn’t move around while I am re-adjusting. Also you will NEVER have to deal with the tension problems you can get when the needle is not in the full upright position.

Automatic Thread Cutter: With the push of a button your thread will be cut off your project AND and remaining bits if thread will be pulled to the back of the project for easy clipping.

Start/Stop Button: Now at first when I saw this option on a machine I said to myself, “Why on earth would you need to sew without your using your pedal?” But the more I use my machine the more I love it! Simply unplug your pedal and sew press the Start button and you machine will start to sew for you! I once had a customer tell me that she has some major ankle issues and sewing with her pedal is very painful. The Star/Stop feature allows her to sew pain free! I use this feature mostly for buttonholes because all I have to do is press that button and an entire button will be finished, it will stop automatically!

It has 7 Automatic button hole options which makes sewing anything with buttons breeze! If you have an old school machine that needs more than one step for your buttonhole you will just be AMAZED by the difference.

Check out this video we made for the 3160 QDC which is one step down form this machine but the button hole process is the same.

Can you believe the the price on this machine right now is the SAME as the 3160QDC? So what do you get for the 4120 that is so much more you ask?

Lettering stitches-so you can label your project with your name or anything else you can think of.

Extension Table-makes it easier control your large projects on your table.

Memory Capabilities– Program different decorative stitches to come out in a sequence to truly customize your project.

You will notice on our website that you can’t purchase the Janome 4120 online. That’s because certain Janome Machines have a limit on how low you are allowed to sell it for online and this is too low!! All that means is you have to either come into the store to buy it or give us a call 831-423-5434 and we will get you all set up and answer any questions you might have about this fabulous machine.

Hope you enjoy your Holiday Season

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Katrina at Harts Fabric


These faux fur throws make a great gift idea! ¬† They are so cuddly and soft and they even resemble the real thing. ¬†I’ve see them recently at a couple¬†departmant stores at the mall¬†for over $100. ¬†I thought to myself ¬†I could make this for way cheaper, after all it’s just two rectangles sewn together. Continue reading

Ever struggle with gift ideas for the holidays? Well now you can join our fabulous teachers here at Hart’s Fabric for some Holiday Gift Sewing Classes that will make you a favorite among your friends and family. Nothing says the Holidays quite like giving a hand made, one-of-a-kind gift. Choose from any of the following classes for a fun Holiday Experience.

We have classes for bit Kids and Adults so make sure to check out the Kids Classes too!

Holiday Circle Skirt: Beginning & Intermediate Fashion Sewing

Holiday Skirt Sewing Class

Learn the tips and tools to successful apparel sewing while making a beautiful and versatile circle skirt. This class is perfect for students that want to explore the world of patterns and clothing construction. By the end of the class you will have this wonderful skirt to wear to your Holiday Party or to give as an impressive gift. You’ll be surprised how impressed your friends and family are by you great sewing skills! Make a bunch for all the girls in your family.¬†






Continue reading

Here at Hart’s, we love sharing our sewing knowledge with our customers and each other.¬† The other day, I brought in a quilt I had just finished to display in our store.¬† In the last year, I’ve become a huge fan of Aurifil thread and share my enthusiasm to anyone who will listen!

aurifil thread main

While I do sew garments from time to time, primarily I am a quilter, and so I prefer using 100% cotton in my quilts for piecing as well as quilting.¬† Aurifil is made from the best, extra long-staple Egyptian cotton available.¬† What does that mean to you? It’s incredibly smooth and glides through the eye of your needle with ease!¬† Also, it means a minimum of fluff in and around your bobbin.¬† Other threads leave much more lint in my bobbin case, which means I’m cleaning and brushing it out more often than I’d like.¬† Long-staple cotton thread also means that Aurifil thread is stable, strong and dependable.¬† And Aurifil is strong, but the 50 weight thread that Hart’s sells is a fine thread.¬† This means that if you’re piecing a quilt block, the Aurifil thread isn’t thick, and won’t add to your seam allowance.¬† It’s strong, without bulk – a perfect combination.¬† Also, since it’s thin, you get more thread on your bobbin, which means you’ll be refilling your bobbin a lot less often.¬† Sweet!

Let’s talk about economics for a minute.¬† If you look at a spool of Aurifil thread vs another spool of thread you notice something right away.

all threads

The Aurifil has 13 times the amount of thread that our most popular spool of thread has.¬† Specifically, Aurifil thread has 1300 meters of thread per spool, that’s over 1400 yards of thread vs. 100 meters on a typical spool of thread.¬† If you were to purchase that other thread, and bought the amount that was on one spool of Aurifil, it would cost nearly $24, which is basically double the cost of the Aurifil thread.¬† So, let’s recap:¬† more thread per spool, and yard per yard, or meter per meter, you are getting a bargain for an incredible product.

Here’s a picture of one of the many quilts I have pieced and quilted using Aurifil:

Tina quilt Aurifil ThreadI’m a big fan of straight-line quilting using my walking foot.¬† Aurifil is my go-to fabric for both straight-line quilting as well as free-motion quilting.¬† The Aurifil Hart’s Fabric carries can be found HERE.