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IMG_4271         In case you haven’t herd yet, we are OBSESSED with Cotton + Steel’s premier collection! We bought it all and have been having an amazing time creating fun projects. Today I decided to play around with one of the project they included in their little booklet which we got at quilt market. Its a bag pattern that Rashida Coleman-Hale put together using her Moonlit Collection. I decided I have enough little bags hanging around but I can ALWAYS use some throw pillows! So I modified the project a bit and thought I’d share how!

Materials If you are going to match the pattern exactly like what I did you will need 2″ of each print. I recommend getting a fat quarter of each so you have some awesome scraps left over. Here are the prints I used:     Continue reading

How to Sew a Blind Hem Stitch – Spring Floral Linen-Cotton Gathered-Waist Dress

by Jamie Lau Designs

JamieLauDesigns03112014Main[ Photo credit: Liz Clayman]

Things have been quite busy in Brooklyn at the Jamie Lau Designs studio. We kicked off the new year with a photo shoot featuring our new textile designs inspired by the natural environment, travel, and art, with prints based on my photographs. We also celebrated the opening of our month-long pop-up shop at Makeshift Society in Hayes Valley (235 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94102), open Monday-Friday 9 AM-6 PM until March 31, 2014.

In keeping up with the momentum, I’ll be embarking on an exciting textile-filled journey to Japan later this spring and summer. In preparation for my two-month trip, I’m starting a new series entitled Fashion Travelogue, with the goal of designing and sewing the bulk of my wardrobe and accessories for my travel abroad (yes, even pajamas!).

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A fabric tablecloth is a perfect DIY project for your craft table, dinning table, or patio table. It has elastic hems, like a fitted sheet, that allows it to fit snugly on your table. Leave on your table all year round for a washable table cover or make a few different ones for every season!

Materials needed:

Cotton fabric

.5″ elastic

scissors, iron, safety pin, and sewing machine

I used this wonderful sewing comic fabric that is a favorite around here!


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Easy Chunky Scarf

As the days start getting colder, I like to keep warm with soft knit scarves.

This one is particularly good because it knits up so quick and the ribbing adds

an attractive detail.

I used one skein of Cascade Yarn “Magnum” and size 35 circular Knitting needles.

If you wanted it a bit shorter, you could substitute size 19 needles.

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Do you need a quick holiday craft idea? Or do you just need a pair of gloves? This weeks tutorial will teach you how to sew up a cute pair of fingerless gloves with a removable mitten top! No pattern needed, just use your hand (or a friends hand) as a pattern.

Here are the supplies you need:


  • 1/4 yd. Fleece
  • 1/4 yd. Elastic (the elastic will be showing, so make sure it matches your fleece)
  • 2 Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Hand Sewing Needle

The first step is to trace your hand onto your fleece. You don’t need to trace your whole hand, you can leave out the finger tips if you want fingerless gloves. Keep in mind you can do alternatives to fingerless gloves. You can do regular gloves, mittens, etc.

****Keep in mind the stretch of the fabric. Fleece does have a stretch, all fabrics with stretch will stretch from selvedge to selvedge. Just be sure that when you cut out your gloves, they will stretch from side to side so that your hands will fit inside!! *****



Great! Now cut out 4 of these hand shapes. Next, we will trace the tops of our hands to make the removable mitten cover.



All right, now that we have our pattern pieces cut out, we can start sewing! Sew up your gloves first like so;


Next, we will sew up our mitten tops. Be sure to sew in your elastic in a loop on the tops of your mitten tops. They will loop onto a button to hold the mitten top open when you don’t need it!


Great job! Now we will hand-sew our mitten tops to our glove.


The last step is to sew on our buttons. We will put one button on per glove