“Button up” Kitchen Towel Tutorial

IMG_1162 I can’t believe it is only 30 more days till Christmas!

I’m kinda starting to freak out because if you are a true procrastinator like me you haven’t even started making any gifts yet!  No need to worry though, there is still time and I have the perfect quick and easy handmade gift idea for you.  Not only are these “button up” kitchen towels quick and easy to make, they are functional and pretty darn cute too!  You could pair these with matching pot holders or make some homemade treats to package with the towels if you are feeling extra festive and ambitious.  Ok, lets get started before we run out of time!


-1/2 yard toweling per towel ( I cut 1 & 1/2 yards of red toweling to make 3)

-1/4 yard canvas per towel top ( I cut 1/4 yard of 3 Cotton+Steel linen canvas: candle, apple and bandana)

-2 buttons per towel

-basic sewing tools; scissors, thread, sewing machine, button hole foot, seam ripper, etc…




IMG_1123Step 3:  Cut canvas 1″ longer than width of towel.  This will give you a 1/2″ seam allowance on each side.

IMG_1124Step 4:  Sandwich towel between the two pieces of canvas right sides facing.  Make sure the print is upside down on front of towels and print is right side up on back of towel.


Step 5:  Pin in place and stitch down through all three layers.IMG_1127(Here is a pic of what your back should look like after stitching through the three layers and flipping canvas right side up.  Don’t freak out that the back print is upside down.  You will be folding this to the front of towel when finished and the print will be right side up on front of towel).

IMG_1138Step 6:  After stitching top down pin front and back of sides together.  Be careful not to pin toweling into the sides.  Next stitch down sides with 1/2″ seam allowance.IMG_1139Step 7:  Turn canvas right side out and press bottom and sides.  Next fold down top 1/2″ on front and back and pin together matching each side.  Stitch down close to edge.

IMG_1143Step 8:  Fold bottom hem of toweling 1/2″ and turn under again another 1/2″.  Pin in place and stitch down.


Step 9:  Time to make your buttonholes.  Mark with pin where you would like to place them.  I chose to center each buttonhole in the center of stripe on toweling.  Attach you button foot to machine and follow directions according to your machine.  If you don’t have a machine that sews buttonholes easily or if buttonholes scare you I would suggest stitching a couple pieces of Velcro under flap or you could use snaps instead too.

IMG_1150Step 10:  Cut open buttonholes with a seam ripper.

IMG_1151Step 11:  Sew on your buttons under flap.  Be sure to line up with the center of each buttonhole.

IMG_1152You are finished!  Yea!  That didn’t take too long did it?!  You can really pump these out if you get an assembly line going and do the same step on several at a time before moving to the next step.  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  I wish you happy and quick sewing this holiday season!



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  • Angela

    This is so handy! My husband is always leaving the towels waded up on the counter – this way he won’t be able to walk away with them!