Lizzy House’s “The Hit Parade”

hit parade collage

Hi folks!

So we just got in some beautiful new fabrics from Andover that looked a little familiar… and that’s because they’re all of our favorite Lizzy House prints from her previous collections! The best part though, you  guys, is that they are printed on different substrates! That’s right! We have Lizzy House double gauze and cotton lawn! They are just too cute! The double gauzes we received are the best prints and colorways from Lizzy’s The Lovely Hunt; including the beautiful green tapestry print that features the adorable unicorn that reminds all of us of The Last Unicorn. We also got the awesome ‘Raspberry Bramble‘ print in a fuchsia colorway on double gauze fabric that is bold, bright and to die for! We could see this print being made into a fun baby set or even a cute scarf for a lady that loves to wear bright colors!

Double Gauze Fabrics

double gauze

We also received a beautiful Butterfly double gauze that was a former print from the Natural History collection that features large butterflies in bright colors on a natural-colored gauze. Also from the Natural History collection is the Twinkle, Twinkle print in a plum colorway! Both fabrics are great for garment sewing as well as cute baby swaddles. The final double gauze in the release was her signature pearl bracelet design in a periwinkle blue colorway.

Lawn Fabrics

lawn fabrics

On top of the wonderful double gauze prints, Lizzy also put together a whole collection of cotton lawns that are so soft and luxurious! If you are not familiar with lawn it is a lightweight cotton fabric that is less sheer than a voile and has a tighter weave. These fabrics are great for apparel sewing but quilting with them is undoubtedly a luxurious experience! If you haven’t seen our tutorial on quilting with lawn fabrics you should check it out! Lawn makes super-soft quilts that the whole family will fight over. Traditionally, formal blouses and shirts are also made from lawn!

The prints she chose for her lawn substrates are also reprints from her other popular collections including The Lovely Hunt and Cat Nap. She also added her traditional pearl bracelet design in a striking white on white lawn. We love all of the beautiful floral designs, the beautiful butterflies and even princess castles and unicorns!

Fabric Bolts

All in all this collection is properly named because this really is Lizzy House’s greatest hits: and printed on two of our favorite fabrics substrates to work with here at Harts, no less! If you haven’t yet tried sewing with lawn or double gauze fabrics these beautiful prints are certainly the best place to start!

Happy Sewing!


New Collection! Tides By Jane Dixon!

Tides by Jane DixonThis just in at Harts! The new collection Tides by Jane Dixon is a modern saltwater experience! Harts Fabric loves ocean prints and this collection is no exception! We are always excited to see classy, modern nautical-themed fabric collections. So many of the ocean prints we see are cute and childish, which is great (and adorable!) for the little ones in your life, but this collection is a bit more on the mature side.

TidesThe color palette is just lovely! Cool blue and aqua complement the cream and taupe just perfectly. These fabrics would be stunning incorporated into home decor projects; perfect for throw pillows, light curtains, and table linens. The whole collection is a perfect marriage of modern and whimsical aesthetics. We can’t wait to see what kind of quilting and apparel projects you all make from this line!

Tides by Jane DixonHarts has gotten in all 16 prints in this collection and are excited to start cutting into it! Take a peek at the prints online or come stop by the retail store to see these lovelies in person!

Happy sewing!

This Just In: Massive Fashion Fabric Shipment!


Fashion! That’s right, we just got in a HUGE shipment of fashion and apparel fabrics! We’re talking about jersey knits, silk, rayon, cotton, and more! We are constantly bringing in new fabrics to the store, but we always get a little extra excited when a big fashion shipment shows up!

Here are some of the unique new fabrics that just arrived here at Harts:

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Denim Studio by Art Gallery Fabrics!

AGF Denim

Art Galley Fabrics has just released a bunch of amazing new fabric under their new Denim Studio label! Their new printed denim is a 4.5oz cotton. It is a nice, lightweight fabric that can be used for dresses, pants, bags, and even for quilting! It’s the classic American indigo denim, but with a modern printed twist- – we love it!

Art Galley DenimWe are all seriously excited about this new line! Art Galley is consistently one of our favorite brands, and their designers are always hard at work producing some of the best fabric available. All the ladies at Harts are dreaming about new denim projects!

Don’t forget to share your denim projects with us! We would love to see what you’re working on! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

Charley Harper Maritime Collection!

Charley Harper Maritime

Maritime is the new Charley Harper collection from Birch Fabrics! We fell in love with these fabrics when we saw the Birch Fabrics booth at Quilt Market last year! All of us here at Harts have a bit of a soft spot for ocean themed collections, I guess living is Santa Cruz California will do that to you!

Birch Fabrics at Quilt Market

Maritime at fall Quilt Market 2015

These adorably sweet ocean animal prints feature illustrations by the late mid-century artist Charley Harper. Mr. Harper is well known for his modern, stylized wildlife prints and his unique views of colorization. This is the third collection that Birch has produced using his artwork. The previous collections Charlie Harper and Charley Harper Nurture were hugely popular and instant favorites!

Charley Harper

Charley Harper and his illustrations

The Maritime collection is printed on 100% organic cotton and comes in multiple substrates: quilting cotton, double gauze, and jersey knit! This collection is an absolute delight, perfect for children and adults! We are all so excited to start seeing projects using this line!

Charley Harper

Happy sewing!

Laminated Cotton Vs Oilcloth (plus an easy tablecloth tutorial!)

Laminated cotton tablecloth

Hi everyone! Alexis here, and today I want to talk a bit about laminated cotton! Over the years working at Harts one of the questions I have been frequently asked is “what is the difference between laminated cotton and oilcloth?” Since I was just about to make myself a laminated cotton tablecloth for my new apartment (pictured above!), I thought this would be a fine time to break it down for everyone! (Plus a quick tablecloth tutorial! Yay!)

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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Hello all you crafty peeps!  Fall is finally here and it’s getting dark early!  And you know what that means?!  Time to start decorating for Thanksgiving!  I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately and have found some really cute festive Thanksgiving decorations.  My only problem is deciding which ones to make!  Here is a collection of some of my favs this season….  Enjoy!

Easy Fall table decor idea using materials you already have on hand.:

Found on

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Keeping It Classy for Halloween!

So, from my experience in the time I have been on this planet, I’ve noticed that the costumes for ladies have gotten a bit more… risqué every year. In my college days I worked for a company that sold packaged costumes and we were required to wear a costume that we sold to work every day in October.  The choices for ladies were, in my opinion, not work appropriate. I usually ended up wearing a men’s costume or a headband with ears. I feel like the options for ladies (and young girls) have just been limited to “Sexy” whatever: Sexy Nurse, Sexy Cheerleader, Sexy Coloring Crayon, Sexy Banana… You name it: there’s a “sexy” version. Now, just to be clear, if you can rock a “Sexy Carrot” costume, the more power to you! You go girl! It’s just that those costumes may not be appropriate for work or your child’s school costume carnival and here’s some ideas for a bit more modest costume.

Halloween Shopping for Girls

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Sew Your Hart Out September Final Week Garment Parade!


windham-colette-janomeThis is it you guys! Sew Your Hart Out September 2015 has come to an end! We have had so much fun this month! There have been an incredible amount of project photos that have been shared with us, thank you all so much! Be sure to check out all of the customer project photos over on our Facebook page!

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Colette Patterns 101


windham-colette-janomeColette Patterns is the powerhouse of the indie pattern community. Started by Sarai Mitnick in 2009, whose previous jobs include working for giants YouTube and Google, both Colette’s blog and patterns have become massively popular. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, the creative minds behind Colette are constantly expanding their business ventures, including the recently added Seamwork Magazine and a brand spanking new sewing podcast!

colette-hawthorn-dress-patternColette’s Hawthorn
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