Alison Glass Knit Midi Length Circle Skirt

Finished Alison Glass Knit Circle Skirt

Hey gang! So today I’m going to show you a fun thing to do with the new Alison Glass Knit Fabrics. A Midi Length Circle Skirt! Midi length skirts are going to be big for fall and winter so here is a quick and easy project that will get you ready for fall. So lets get right to it with supplies: Continue Reading →

Sew Your Hart Out September Final Week Garment Parade!


windham-colette-janomeThis is it you guys! Sew Your Hart Out September 2015 has come to an end! We have had so much fun this month! There have been an incredible amount of project photos that have been shared with us, thank you all so much! Be sure to check out all of the customer project photos over on our Facebook page!

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Grainline Studio Patterns

copy-grainline_logojenGrainline Studios began as the personal sewing and project blog of Jen Beeman, designer and patternmaker behind the company. Having studied fashion design at Columbia College where she focused on patternmaking and technical design, Jen enjoyed inspiring people with her projects and sharing tips and tricks she learned from school, and friends. People began responding very positively to the clothing that Jen was drafting for herself and they began requesting the patterns. Jen made PDF downloads of her patterns available online and with their popularity, the rest was history!

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Sew Your Hart Out September Week Three Garment Parade!

horzontal-logoart-gallery-and-decades-of-styleWe have been busy bees here at the store this week! Everyone has been sewing up a storm, employees and customers alike! We have seen some really cool projects and we love being able to share them with you! Here are just a few of the awesome projects we’ve seen this week:

week 3 photosBe sure to check out out facebook page for the rest of your photos!

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Decades of Style Patterns


If you love the looks of the 1920s to the 1950s, look no further than Decades of Style! The crew behind Decades of Style lives, eats and breathes vintage sewing patterns! From Old Hollywood Glamour to 1940s housewife to Flapper girl, these reproduction patterns are perfect for costumes or adding retro style to your hand-sewn wardrobe! Continue Reading →

Easy Embroidery Stitches by Julie



Today I’m going to share some easy embroidery stitches with you. But first you need to know that your stitches need not be perfect…not even close. I am a big proponent of stitching as fun and relaxing, so don’t stress if your stitches aren’t neat and even…if you keep going you won’t even notice when you’re finished with your project.

OK, so here we go with the first stitch I’ve done here…the back stitch. You want to start with pulling your needle through about a stitch’s width from the beginning of your line. Once you’ve got your needle (and floss) on the front side of your fabric you go back and pull your needle through at the beginning of your line. Now you want to bring your needle back through to the top about a stitch’s width from your last stitch, pull through to the front and back down where your previous stitch ended…and keep going until you’ve finished your line or you need more floss.

The second stitch I’ve done is the French knot…so rewarding when you get it down. Once you’ve got your needle through the fabric, you want to hold the needle in your right hand and wrap the loose floss around the middle of the needle (I’ve only wrapped it once in the video, but you can wrap it more for a larger knot). Next you want to place the tip of the needle really close to (but not in the same exact place) where your floss came out…and at the same time you want to hold the floss taught with your left hand…and with your right hand you will pull the needle through the fabric, releasing the floss with your left hand once the needle is fully through the fabric, slowly pulling the rest of the floss through. And there you have a French knot.

Lastly we’ve got the running stitch. This is the easiest stitch…just like hand sewing. You come through the fabric at the beginning of your line and then back down (you can choose the length, you just don’t want them to be more than about a 1/3″), then you come back up another stitch’s length and back down and repeat.

Just remember…don’t stress and have fun!


French Knot (Julie)
Julie clean

Sew Your Hart Out September Week 2 Events!



Hey Gang! Make sure you take a deep breath and keep sewing! We haven’t even scraped the tip of the iceburg when it comes to fun stuff coming up! We love seeing all of your projects so keep them coming, we can’t tell you how impressed we are will all of your amazing sewing skills 🙂 This week we have a super amazing sponsor: Freespirit Fabrics. We will be specifically focusing in on Tula Pink’s new collection Eden. This collection is classic Tula but has some awesome fun twists. We LOVE all of the Tiger Motifs that are really apparent or even hidden in the collection. You should check it out its really cool.

So here’s what we have scheduled this week:

detailTuesday (Tomorrow): I made a fun tutorial on how to make a Tula Pink Toddler Dress from 1 Yard of fabric. It’s pretty cute (If I do say so myself) so visit our blog for that. We will also be announcing the winner of the goodies that we will be giving away. We will show you all of that tomorrow.




tula pink showWednesday: We will be giving you a virtual tour of Freespirit Fabrics. From their house designer to new collections and fun things that are actually in our store from Tula Pink herself. You heard right… we have QUILTS IN THE STORE MADE BY TULA PINK! We are a just little bit excited about this. Make sure you stop by the store to see get you hands on some of her new collection and see these wonderful quilts (and other tidbits too) from her trunk show.


Thursday: Today we have a wonderful tutorial from our amazing embroidery expert Julie (Aka: French Knot.) She has put together a great video on how to do three simple embroidery stitches that will really take your sewing projects to the next level. These are easy stitches that anyone can do. Even Heather, our Noob to sewing, had no problem with these stitches. We will also be giving away some more fun goodies today so be sure to check our Facebook!



sara-lawson-sew-sweetness-bag-patternsFriday: We are introducing our new pattern line that we are carrying called Sew Sweetness. This is a great collection of patterns that are all very versatile hand bags and other kinds of cute things you carry (like camera bags and even lunch bags.) We also have some of these bags made up in the store out of the Eden collection that Sara Lawson (The designer of Sew Sweetness) sewed herself. They’re so freaking cute. I’m personally making the camera bag when I get the chance! Today we are giving away the $200 Gift Certificate to our shop generously donated by Freespirit! Check our Facebook page to see if you won!


11781850_10153240533514039_2090643976772756492_nSaturday: We will be showing off all of the great stuff you guys made and sent us pictures of! This is really our favorite day because we get to show case how talented you all are! (Seriously good job Ladies and Gentlemen!)




Sunday: Kiki will be teaching a FREE CLASS in our store on how to sew french seams. The class is from 11:00am-12:00pm and you must sign up in advance! Call 831-423-5434 to reserve your spot. (These fill up fast so don’t hesitate if you are interested!)



All in all its going to be a great week! We are so excited for all of the prizes and special surprises we have coming this week so stay tuned!!

Happy Sewing

-Dani X<3

dani clean


Sew Your Hart Out September Week One Garment Parade!


Week one of Sew Your Hart Out September 2015 has come to an end! We have seen some really awesome projects in store and online, you guys are always such an inspiration!

customer projectsHere are just a few of the amazing projects you guys have made! You can head over to our facebook page to see everything that has been posted! Keep sewing!

Here’s what the ladies of Harts Fabric wore this week….

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Tilly and the Buttons 101


This week we are SO excited to be working with Tilly and the Buttons! We have been huge fans of Tilly and her patterns ever since we started carrying them last year. We love her super cute designs, and we especially love her clear step by step instructions!


Tilly is a huge inspiration for all the girls here at Harts! Her story began six years ago when she caught the sewing bug after taking a sewing class for fun. She soon realized that sewing was her passion and began training at the London College of Fashion.

Her amazing blog started as a way to share inspiration and new pattern construction tips and tricks, but it soon became more and more popular! The demand for Tilly’s patterns grew and she embraced her new life as a sewing pattern designer!

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