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Hello! This is Annie again!

Here is the second part to the Colette Laurel Pattern Alterations: Learn how to add a cuff

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It’s already that time again, Halloween is right around the corner! This weeks tutorial shows how to make cute and easy Halloween decor. This is a great project to do with kids or friends!



  • 1 Embroidery Hoop (I used a 10” hoop)
  • 1 bottle of Tacky Glue (Dries white) or Fabric Tac (dries clear)
  • 1 spool of embroidery thread (I picked black)
  • 1/4 yd. Black Felt OR 5 felt squares ( 5 squares makes 6 large & 7 small bats)
  • 1 accent color felt square for the eyes
  • 1 yd. accent trim (I used orange sequin trim)
  • 1 hand sewing needle
  • Simple bat cut out of paper for a template

***ONE HOOP CAN MAKE TWO MOBILES! So, get double the amount of felt and trim to do two! Think of other mobiles you can make: Skulls, tombstones, witches, pumpkins, etc, Get Creative!!***


First we must cut out our bats. For a 10″ hoop, 6 large bats and 7 small bats is a good amount of bats. However, for the bats to be sturdy and hang well, we need to double that. So, cut out 12 large bats and 14 small bats. Keep in mind, you can have however many bats you want at whatever size you would like them!


After all the bats are cut out, we must now glue pairs of them together. So, glue the bats together in pairs and you will have 6 large and 7 small.

Next, we can cut out our eyes! Cut little triangles and glue them down where you like the eyes to be. Want a mutant bat?! Then go ahead and add more eyes! Personally, I only put 2 eyes on my bats, but only a few of them got eyes. Some have no eyes.

Now we will have to set up our hoop. You will want to measure the circumference, and for a 10″ hoop it is about 32″. We have 13 bats to hang, so divide 32 by 13, and our number is 2.45, which we will just round to 2.5. Mark every 2.5″ on your hoop so we know where to hang the bats.


Now that your hoop and bats are all set, time to cut the strings that they will hang on. To make a spiraled descending mobile like this one, you will need to keep track of your strings. Start at 18″ length for your shortest string – it will be doubled so once it is on the hoop, it will only be 9″ long. From there, increase 2″ per cut, so finished lengths will be at a 1″ increase. Also, in the mobile pictured, I started with a small bat and alternated sizes. If you cut all your strings first, make sure to keep them with the correct bats! OR, just cut the string per bat as you knot them onto your hoop.

With your needle and thread, string the bat, from the top of the head, onto the thread. Even out the thread so the bat is at the middle of the length, tie an overhand knot. Now, you can just overhand knot the bat string onto your hoop. When all your bats are on, it should look a bit like this:


Next, glue the strings onto your hoop to secure them down.


Now you can cut out strips of felt that are 1/2″ wide and 32″ in length. Double this is you want to cover the inside of your hoop too. Glue the strips on to the inside and outside of your hoop.

*If you don’t want to do strips, you can either glue on 1/2″ ribbon or just skip this step.


Next, cut some string to hang your mobile with. I cut two 30″ strings. Tie the strings on across from eachother and adjust to make the mobile hang even. If you see the image below, you can knot these strings together to make it more stable.


Now you can glue your fun trim onto the mobile.


Lastly, hang up your mobile!


What kinds of mobiles did you make?

Happy Halloween! XOXO


Hi guys! Julia again.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make a super snazzy sunglasses/spectacles case.


















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Hey dudes! I’m Julia, your guest tutorial maker for this week! If you’ve come into the store recently, I’m the one with purple hair who’s more than likely wearing a comic book teeshirt.

Today’s tutorial is a decently sized tote bag, perfect for trips to the farmer’s market or a day on the beach.
























Finished dimensions of the bag are 12″x17″x6″ with a 12″ strap. Continue reading

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Hello!  We are well into our third week of “Sew your Hart out September”.  Can you believe it?!  This month is flying by.  This week is inspired by Home Décor projects.  I was planning on doing a bias piping tutorial for you then last minute I decided to add a little reverse applique onto the pillow for some fun.  Let’s get started…


-14″x14″ pillow form

-1/2 yard of home decor fabric for piping and applique (I used a woven mai tai fabric)

-1/2 yard of home décor fabric for main pillow ( I used a 100% Hemp in natural)

-2 yards welt cord ( I used size 5/32″ welt cord)

-Sewing machine with piping foot




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