Give Thanks Apron Tutorial

Finished apron

Hey Gang! Today we are going to make an easy apron with a fun “Give Thanks” Applique. This is simple project that you can make for yourself or as a gift for your holiday Hostess. Alright lets get down to business with what you will need for supplies.

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Simple Woven Plaid Fringe Scarf Tutorial

Image-1The holidays are just around the corner, and if you are anything like us here at Harts, you have planned a ton of handmade gifts! Sometimes you need a quick and easy project that you can make a bunch of, this is the tutorial for you! Scarves are always good gifts, but I’m sure all my friends are tired of all the infinity scarves I have made for them over the years! So I decided to try something a little different this year – fringe scarves! I am in love with all the mammoth flannels from Robert Kaufman! They are super soft and cozy, plus the plaid is woven not printed which is exactly what you will need for this project!

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Alison Glass Knit Midi Length Circle Skirt

Finished Alison Glass Knit Circle Skirt

Hey gang! So today I’m going to show you a fun thing to do with the new Alison Glass Knit Fabrics. A Midi Length Circle Skirt! Midi length skirts are going to be big for fall and winter so here is a quick and easy project that will get you ready for fall. So lets get right to it with supplies: Continue Reading →

Cute Witch Capelet Tutorial

Cute Witch Caplet tutorial

Hey Gang! So today I’m going to show you a super easy tutorial on how to make a capelet that is really a versatile item for lots of Halloween costumes! You can make a version for an Anna from Frozen costume, a red one for Little Red Riding Hood or just accent the costume you already have going for some warmth on those chilly Halloween nights.

Alright let’s discuss supplies:

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Cute and Quick! Halloween Ghost Tutorial!

Tulle Halloween Ghost Tutorial FinishedEveryone at Harts is getting super excited for Halloween! Creative costumes, tasty treats, and of course fun decorations!! I just adore adorably spooky Halloween crafts! Some of my favorite motifs are ghost, bats, skulls, and pumpkins! Tulle is always a great choice for quick and easy decor and costumes – you just gotta love no-sew projects!

Ok! Let’s get started! You can bust these cute little guys out in about 30 minuets, so they are perfect for sprucing up your place right before your Halloween party!

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Safety Trick Or Treat Bag Tutorial!

finished trick or treat bag

With all of these kiddos running around in spooky costumes at the end of the month, knocking on your door for candy, you want to make sure that yours is visible even in the dark– especially if your little one is dressed in a dark costume! This is a simple tutorial on how to make a cute Trick or Treat Bag that will be visible to cars!

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Costume 101 – The Tabard

I’ve made some pretty fancy costumes over the years.  (They don’t call me Mother of Dragons for nothing!)  But sometimes that’s not what is called for. Sometimes you need something simple.  I love making costumes, but I don’t love dressing up.  So every year my friends try to come up with a theme that I can live with.  My favorite was Clue.  They all dressed up as Professor Plum and Miss Scarlett, et al. I put a toe tag and a black plastic bag on and went as the dead body.  No fuss, no muss.  You may need a little more than that.  In comes the Tabard.

The Tabard isn’t just for Knights you know.  It is the perfect piece of fabric that can turn anyone into a pumpkin, a greek philosopher, a robot, or even a furry little animal.  Most costumes just need to create the illusion of your character.  These can be just as convincing and creative as the perfect Elsa or Batman you buy at the store.  Plus, they allow for more freedom.  And, they are the perfect project for your first foray into costume making.

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Akita Pattern Hack From Haley at Colette Patterns



beauty-04I love patterns. This is a statement that is probably not a surprise coming from a sewing enthusiast, but it is true. Vintage and modern alike, some of my favorite things in my stash are patterns. I think this can be attributed to the fact that I learned to sew and make patterns simultaneously. I had been sewing for almost 5 years before I ever used a sewing pattern.

The day I first used a commercial sewing pattern the clouds parted and angels sang. Since then I have been hooked. I like to think of commercial sewing patterns as a really great pre-made template. I love choosing a silhouette or style that I like, and then making small adjustments until it feels crafted just for me. My favorite adjustment to make to any top is lengthening into a dress. It’s like I am getting two patterns for the price of one. When I laid eyes on the first sample of Seamwork’s Akita I knew instantly that an Akita Dress was in my near future.

The best part is, Akita is a one piece pattern, this makes it seriously easy to whip up in one hour. No joke, I made this sample in less than 60 minutes.

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“Laurel Hack” with buttons all down the back!


This was a fun and simple hack I would love to share with you!  As you can see from my “jazz hands” in the pic above I was excited about how it turned out and it didn’t take too long to finish either!  Everyone knows that I LOVE buttons so any chance I get to add buttons on anything is a bonus for me!

Ok, let’s get started…


-Colette’s Laurel Pattern (I made the shirt version 4, but this idea would be cute on the dress versions too!)

-Fabric of your choice (I picked a Lotta Jansdotter fabric from her new Lucky collection.  Remember yardage depends on version choice and your size!)

-Buttons of choice (I used 5 large buttons for the top.  If you pick smaller buttons you may need more.)

-1/4 yard Iron on Shape-Flex Interfacing (My Favorite!  It’s made out of cotton instead of paper.)

Sewing machine with a buttonhole foot.

-You will also need all the sewing essentials such as thread, scissors, a seam ripper, marking pencil, pins and, of course, chocolate!

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Adding a Peter Pan Collar To The Scout Tee

RK-grainline-janomehorzontal-logoIt seems like everywhere I look online there are ladies singing the praises of the Scout Tee by Grainline Studio. I am no different! In fact you might even say I’m a bit obsessed with this pattern! As of writing this post I have made this top six times, and I have fabric for at least three more waiting to be sewn! (Update… I’ve now made this shirt 9 times) It is such a quick project, a perfect wardrobe staple, and it works well out of many different types of fabric. The Scout Tee has pretty much become the employee uniform here at Harts, so many of the ladies have made them!

Since it is such a simple pattern, there is a lot of room to get creative by making easy alterations. I am personally in love with Peter Pan collars! If a pattern has a Peter Pan collar I am 80% more likely to make it (true facts, I totally did the math on this)! Because Of my Peter Pan passion, I decided it would be totally adorable to add one to the Scout Tee!

grainline scout tee peter pan collar tutorial finished 2(Spoilers: I was totally right, it’s adorable!)

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