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We just got these awesome key chain supplies in the store.  They make such a quick and easy project.  You can even make this a no sew project by using Fabri-tac to glue the ribbon to webbing instead of stitching.  This is a great project for small ribbon or fabric scraps from left over projects.  Now lets get started…. Continue reading


This is a simple project that is great for beginners and sewists of advanced skills too who need to make some awesome gifts for a baby shower or for their own bundle of joy. These taggy blankies are becoming increasingly more popular because they stimulate baby’s sensory skills and help with their developing brain, and they are super soft! I’ve seen these taggy blankets at different stores and range in cost from $10-$16 but you can make one here with supplies from Harts for about $8.50 and have enough minky left over to make another one, so you are defiantly getting more bang for your buck making these little guys. So here is what you’ll need: Continue reading

I can’t go into any store these days without seeing simple maxi skirts made out of knit jerseys. They charge so much for a skirt that takes about a 1 1/4 yards of fabric so I decided to make myself one!

Maxi skirt tutorial


We have so many knit fabrics here at Hart’s that would be absolutely wonderful for this project. I had a really hard time time choosing!

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Simple t-shirts are one of the quickest and easiest projects to make! You don’t even need a pattern, you can just trace a t-shirt that you already own!

Here’s how I made mine…

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