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Don’t you think it’s about time we do a menswear post? Me too! My husband was complaining the other day that he can never find interesting t-shirts that fit him the way he likes. So I decided to take on the task of copying one of his best fitting t-shirts and re-make it out of a fun and interesting (but manly) printed jersey.

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This is a fun tutorial that gives you a lot of room to be creative and make some fun hats for you and maybe your friends for NYE.

annie hat 2

New years eve is fun because you get to get all dresses up and bring in the new year with your friends and family, and also the fun hats! This tutorial will teach you some basic shapes for maing a simple fascinator hat that you can make too that is fun and festive but feel free to get creative and make all kinds of fun hats, the sky is the limit. Continue reading


Do you need a festive hair accessory for an upcoming holiday party? Or perhaps something fun for new years eve? Look no further! With this handy tutorial you’ll be making all kinds of exciting headbands! The possibilities are pretty much endless, let’s get started!

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IMG_1300It’s not too late to whip up a stocking! Here is a quick “How-to” for your own custom stocking!

Materials used:

Half yard outer shell fabric. I used a fun knit fabric to give it a cozy look.

Half yard lining fabric. I used flannel.

1 yard ric rac

Step 1:

Design your stocking. I used an old stocking for reference but I think it is fun to draw out your design. I think the funkier the shape the more fun it is but it’s all up to you. If you need some help on shapes just google a picture and trace it.

Step 2:

Cut your stocking out of the outer shell fabric and the lining fabric. You will need to cut 2 for both.


Step 3:

If you are using ric rac as a trim you should pin it on the right side of one of you stocking pieces. An easy trick is to baste the ric rac to the stocking so when you sew your seam, you use the basted seam line as a reference.


Step 4:

With right sides together sew your stocking together leaving the top open. Clip and notch around the curves on the stocking.


Also sew the lining pieces together but leave a 3″ opening along the side of the stocking as shown in the photo.

Step 5:

With the outer shell inside out, and the lining right side out, stuff the lining into the outer shell. Sew around the top of the stocking.


Step 6:

Reach into the opening in the stoking and pull it right side out. Then stuff the lining back into the stocking. Finish the opening with a slip stitch.

Fold down the top of your stocking to have the inner lining show.


Last Step:

Sew on a little tab so you can hang your stocking.


And you’re all done! Enjoy your beautiful one of a kind stocking!

Happy Holidays!





Make some easy Napkins and Placemats!


Napkins: half a yard of a 45″ wide fabric will make 2 napkins. Half a yard of 56″ wide fabric will make 4 napkins.

Placemats: A half yard of 45″ wide fabric will make one. Half yard of 56″ wide fabric will make two. It’s fun to get a co-coordinating fabric for back so you can change up the look of your table from time to time.



Cut your fabric in 15″X15″ squares. Place two squares right sides together and pin around the edges. Sew around using a .5″ seam allowance but along one side leave a 2″ gap un-sewn.

Clip your corners as shown in the picture. Then turn your napkin right side out and use a pointy tool to push the corners out. Press with Iron.

Now you can choose how to finish your napkin off. You can hand sew the opening shut but I think it would be more fun to use a decorative stitch on your machine and sew around the napkin.



Cut your fabric into a 14″ x 18″ rectangle. Put two rectangles together with WRONG sides together.  Do some fun decorative stitches. Maybe so some quilting or embroidery. Then finish your edges with bias tape.


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