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So, I’m currently 7 months pregnant and was researching about the different kinds of wrap style baby carriers, and let me tell you… they are expensive! I love how beneficial they are for baby and mom but spending upwards of $50 for one just seemed a little bit much, plus they are all solid and not as cute as I would like them to be. So here is a tutorial on how to make one for  way less. I chose a knit spandex blended fabric from the line Arizona from Art Gallery Fabrics. Fabrics that would work great for this project are: Bamboo Knits, Organic Cotton Knits, and Modal Knits. The organic cotton knits do not have as much stretch to them but that would be great for carrying slightly older children that are a little heavier, while the stretchier fabrics are great for newborns up to 1 year old.

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     I have wanted to make this vintage wrap shirt ever since I stumbled across these old photos from a 1950′s Life magazine.  I just love the retro style and it looks soo easy to replicate!  It is perfect for summer and would work well with any high waisted skirt, shorts or pants. Continue reading

Intimidated by knits? Don’t be! All you need is some basic information to get started but sewing with knits is so rewarding and fun! Knits are so forgiving when you are sewing up garments because they stretch and mold to your body, allowing you to not have to stress so much about fit.

Here’s what you need to know!


Woven Fabric

Woven Fabric

Knits Fabric

Knit Fabric








The biggest difference between your regular woven fabric and knit fabric is woven fabric is constructed using many rows of yarn (the thread that is woven together to create fabric) while knits are constructed using loops and it’s all one continuous yarn (just as if you were knitting yourself a scarf).

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Everyone at Harts is super excited for the new collections from Cotton + Steel! Melody Miller’s collection, Mustang features the most adorable bee print! The bees look like they have been cross stitched with little hearts instead of stitches! When I saw the print, I knew I wanted to stitch the design on something.

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We just got these awesome key chain supplies in the store.  They make such a quick and easy project.  You can even make this a no sew project by using Fabri-tac to glue the ribbon to webbing instead of stitching.  This is a great project for small ribbon or fabric scraps from left over projects.  Now lets get started…. Continue reading