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Hello fellow sewists and fabric lovers… 

It’s time to start warming up your sewing machines because the official Kick Off To our 2nd Annual Sew Your Hart Out September will be starting September 1st!   Yea!  Get ready for fun projects, inspiring tutorials and lots of fun!!  We are all sooo excited about Sew Your Hart Out September and we hope you are too!

Here’s a little background on why we are doing this and what Sew You Hart Out September means to us…

To us being creative is not just a hobby, but a way of life!   We really want to inspire more people like you to get involved in our sewing community.   Inspiration feeds more inspiration and as the great Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious, so pass it on.” This is so true!  Our customers and co-workers are such a creative community of sewists, quilters, crafters, cross-stitchers and home decorators and we want to inspire you just as much as you have inspired us with your projects!  We really want to show you that sewing may not be as hard as you think and we want to share with you some great staff projects and tutorials to either get you started on a path to sewing or inspire you to dust off your machine and get sewing again if you haven’t in awhile.

Here is the low down on Sew your Hart out September how you can get involved and how you can win some really fabulous prizes…

Share your sewn projects with us on our Facebook Fanpage each week throughout September for a chance to win a $50 gift card from us to you.  The project pics with the most likes each week will determine the winner.  So, make sure and tell your friends to vote for your project!

To keep you Inspired…

Each week we will focus on a different sewing category with inspiring tutorials, fabrics and even a few quest blog posts to keep your creative juices flowing.

1st week:  Fashion

2nd week:  Quilting

3rd week:  Home Decor

4th week:  Crafty stuff

We are excited to Sew our Hart’s out this September and we hope you are too!

Happy Sewing!


The Hart’s Crew