Makeup Brush Roll Tutorial


This quick and easy makeup brush roll is perfect for traveling! I’ve used laminated cotton for the interior so it is easy to wipe clean, and the different sized slots are great for a variety of brushes. You could also make this roll for craft supplies like crochet hooks, knitting needles, or paint brushes!



1/3 yard each of you exterior fabric and interior fabric. I used Cotton + Steel Mochi Dottie’s Cousin in Mint for my exterior fabric and the inside pocket. For the interior I chose Veranda Rose Laminated Cotton in Blush.

1/2 yard of fabric to make your bias tape. I went with Cotton + Steel Basics Metallic Dottie in Cotton Candy. If you would rather use pre-made bias tape, that works too :)

1/3 yard lightweight cotton batting

1 1/2 yards of ribbon. I picked 3/8″ Petersham Rayon Grosgrain in Heart Pink. You could also make your tie from a contrasting fabric if you like!


First, cut a 9″ x 18″ rectangle from each: your batting, interior fabric, exterior fabric, and interior pocket fabric.


Next you will need to make your bias tape! We have a great tutorial for continuous bias tape HERE! For my bias tape, I started with 2″ wide strips.


Next, take your interior pocket fabric and press it in half lengthwise. Your pocket piece will now measure 18″ x 4.5″, with the raw edges at the bottom.


Stack you fabric like so: exterior fabric (right side facing down), batting, interior laminated cotton (right side facing up), interior pocket fabric. Pin your layers in place. I then marked the lines for my brush pockets. The three pockets in the middle are about 2″ wide and the rest are about 1″. You can make your brush pockets any size you like :)


Sewing with laminated cotton can be tricky, especially when you are sewing so many layers. I found that the best method for sewing laminated cotton is to use a walking foot. The walking foot feeds all your layers evenly, and it keeps the laminated cotton from sticking to your foot.


After I finished stitching my pockets, I rounded the corners.


Now it’s time to bind the edges using our bias tape! Don’t forget to cut two 20″ lengths of ribbon and secure them in the side seam, this will be the tie for your makeup roll!


All finished and ready to travel!

Happy Sewing!

– Alexis

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