Easy Serged Skirt



-1 yard of jersey, knit, or ponte

-1 yard of 1″ elastic


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Color-Block your favorite pattern

Ever wanted to add a fun and funky color block feature to your favorite existing patterns? You’d be surprised how easy it is! Color block outfits have been all the rage for a while now. It adds a dynamic design element to your garment with out changing the silhouette of the pattern.

Here’s what you’ll need!

Pattern paper or scratch paper

a nice clear ruler

clear tape

pencil and pen

your favorite pattern! I choose the free PDF pattern for Colette Patterns called the Sorbetto

Step 1: Choose your designcolor block

Do you want horizontal lines, vertical lines, intersecting lines, whatever you want! The possibilities are endless. I chose to create a yoke look for my blouse. But I will also show you how to eliminate the front dart with your color-blocking technique.

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Novelty Boxer Shorts!


We have so many awesome, different, and fun novelty cotton prints! Sometimes it’s hard to think of projects for all of the fabrics we fall in love with.

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Basket Weave Crochet Cowl



This week we will be showing you how to crochet the basket weave stitch into a cowl. This is currently my favorite stitch because is looks like it could have been crocheted or knitted! I find that most crochet stitches are visibly “crochet,” where this stitch could be either. To create this stitch we will be doing single crochet, double crochet, and post stitching.

For my cowl, I used the following:

Use whatever size hook your yarn asks you to use. Madeline Tosh DK yarn recommends 4.25mm-4.5mm hook, but I used 4.00mm and it worked just fine.

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Quick and Easy DIY Fitted Table Cover

A fabric tablecloth is a perfect DIY project for your craft table, dinning table, or patio table. It has elastic hems, like a fitted sheet, that allows it to fit snugly on your table. Leave on your table all year round for a washable table cover or make a few different ones for every season!

Materials needed:

Cotton fabric

.5″ elastic

scissors, iron, safety pin, and sewing machine

I used this wonderful sewing comic fabric that is a favorite around here!


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