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– 1/2 yard of flexible vinyl,  or real leather!

– 1/2 yard of 36″ wide pattern paper

– 2.25 yards of bias tape, the wider, the easier to fold over!

-1.5 yards of ribbon to cover back of bias ties!

– 4 yards of lace trim, that takes curves well, or a eyelet ruffle trim!

– Fabric-tac glue

This is a easy No-sew peplum that anyone can make! No sewing machine, no problem! All you need is a bottle of Fabric-Tac glue or E-6000! First you need to make your pattern! Get your 1/2 yard of pattern paper and fold in half  to make a 18″ by 18″ square.  Now measure your high waist and divide by 2 and minus 2″ ( to make room for peplum)!  Now take your folded piece of pattern paper and draw a curve in the top left corner based on that measurement! Now measure the length you want it to be, I made mine about 12″ long! Cut out and take your circular pattern piece and lay on top of vinyl to cut out!


Ok now that you have your peplum piece cut out, you need to add a bias tape to the top edge to create ties! Fold your bias-tape around edge and secure with Fabric-tac glue or E-6000!



Alright, now you need to glue the bias tape folded edges down on ties! Secure with Fabric-Tac glue!


Then add your ribbon (1.5 yards)  to the back of bias tape to cover folded edges!


Next you need to add your lace trim to the top edge just under the bias-tape and to the bottom edge! Be careful to space evenly! Add third length of lace trim after the top and bottom is glued down! Now add the third a few inches from bottom trim!






Ok you are all done! That wasn’t too difficult, was it? Wear your new peplum with your favorite dress or as a cool costume accessory!!!



This is a super simple, easy way to make a belt with just glue and grommets!  Update your wardrobe with a new handmade accessory!  No sewing machine, no problem!



*  about 30″ rosette ribbon, 4″ wide

* about 30″ vinyl trim, 4″ wide

*(6) grommets size 6mm (1/4″)

* 1.5 yards of ribbon for lacing!

* Fabric-tac or E6000 glue

Tools:    Hammer



Ok, so the first step is to measure your waist at the spot you will be wearing the belt, minus approximately 2″ to leave space for grommets and lacing! Next attach grommets in appropriate spots.  Measure width of vinyl and space grommets approx 1.25″ apart!

IMG_0371 Next, add rosette ribbon on top of vinyl with either Fabric-tac or E6000! Fold rosette ribbon under at ends for a nice  finished look!




Alright, so now all you need to do is lace it up with your 1.5 yards of ribbon!  Super easy and your all done!


Now you can wear your handmade belt!  Don’t forget to tell all your friends and family who made it, You! Wear with your favorite dress or favorite top!