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We just got these awesome key chain supplies in the store.  They make such a quick and easy project.  You can even make this a no sew project by using Fabri-tac to glue the ribbon to webbing instead of stitching.  This is a great project for small ribbon or fabric scraps from left over projects.  Now lets get started…. Continue reading


This is a simple project that is great for beginners and sewists of advanced skills too who need to make some awesome gifts for a baby shower or for their own bundle of joy. These taggy blankies are becoming increasingly more popular because they stimulate baby’s sensory skills and help with their developing brain, and they are super soft! I’ve seen these taggy blankets at different stores and range in cost from $10-$16 but you can make one here with supplies from Harts for about $8.50 and have enough minky left over to make another one, so you are defiantly getting more bang for your buck making these little guys. So here is what you’ll need: Continue reading


Do you need a festive hair accessory for an upcoming holiday party? Or perhaps something fun for new years eve? Look no further! With this handy tutorial you’ll be making all kinds of exciting headbands! The possibilities are pretty much endless, let’s get started!

Continue reading

This is a super simple, easy way to make a belt with just glue and grommets!  Update your wardrobe with a new handmade accessory!  No sewing machine, no problem!



*  about 30″ rosette ribbon, 4″ wide

* about 30″ vinyl trim, 4″ wide

*(6) grommets size 6mm (1/4″)

* 1.5 yards of ribbon for lacing!

* Fabric-tac or E6000 glue

Tools:    Hammer



Ok, so the first step is to measure your waist at the spot you will be wearing the belt, minus approximately 2″ to leave space for grommets and lacing! Next attach grommets in appropriate spots.  Measure width of vinyl and space grommets approx 1.25″ apart!

IMG_0371 Next, add rosette ribbon on top of vinyl with either Fabric-tac or E6000! Fold rosette ribbon under at ends for a nice  finished look!




Alright, so now all you need to do is lace it up with your 1.5 yards of ribbon!  Super easy and your all done!


Now you can wear your handmade belt!  Don’t forget to tell all your friends and family who made it, You! Wear with your favorite dress or favorite top!




The holiday season and gift giving go hand in hand. This year, make your holiday wrapping job just as special as the gift inside! Fabric, ribbon, and cute trims are great ways to spice up a standard wrapped present. There are tons of gift wrap options, here are just some of the things you can do this holiday season:


Tulle! We have a bunch of different colored tulle that you can use in your holiday gift wrapping. Tulle is great for adding fun color to your presents, and it’s super easy to wrap with! All you need is a few yards of the color of your choice. To wrap, place your gift in the center, gather the tulle, then tie with a ribbon! Tulle makes great wrapping for plates of cookies and other tasty holiday treats!


Ribbons! We have a massive selection of different types of ribbons; silk, satin, printed, metallic, wired, sequins, the list goes on and on! Ribbons really are the fastest and easiest way to make a big impression, there are so many different choices and fun ways to create a unique gift giving experience!

If you are feeling extra crafty, here is an easy to follow tutorial for a fabric gift bag:


All you need for this project is the following:

Outer fabric, I used Wide Essex Linen in Flax

Lining fabric, I used Kona Solid in Red

3/8″ Grosgrain ribbon for the drawstring, I used Petersham Rayon Grosgrain in Scarlet

I also added some of our adorable Retro Kitchen Ribbon as an optional decoration!


First cut out both the outer fabric and the lining, my pieces are about 25″ long and 9″ wide, then folded in half with the middle fold becoming the bottom of the bag. The size of your pieces will be determined by what you are planning on wrapping, just make sure you add an extra few inches to the top to accommodate the drawstring.


If you are planning on adding decorative ribbon, cut the pieces to fit your bag, and pin them in place on both sides.


Sew your ribbon in place!


Pin with right sides together.


Sew up the sides. On one side, leave a 3/4″ gap in the stitching about 3″ from the top of the bag. This will be the opening for the drawstring.


Sew your lining with right sides together, leave about a 3″ gap in the bottom on one side.


Insert the outer fabric into the lining with right sides together. Pin in place.


Sew the lining to the outer fabric.


Using the 3″ gap in the lining fabric, pull the outer fabric out so that the right sides of your fabric are facing out.


Sew up the gap in the lining.


Tuck the lining inside the outer fabric.


Using a straightedge, mark a 1″ casing around the 3/4″ gap left in the side seam to accommodate the drawstring.


This is how your marking should look.


Pin your outer fabric to your lining to keep it form moving while you sew the casing.


This is how your casing will look after you have finished sewing it up.


Insert you ribbon to your casing!


All finished and ready for your gifts!

Happy sewing!


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