Safety Trick Or Treat Bag Tutorial!

finished trick or treat bag

With all of these kiddos running around in spooky costumes at the end of the month, knocking on your door for candy, you want to make sure that yours is visible even in the dark– especially if your little one is dressed in a dark costume! This is a simple tutorial on how to make a cute Trick or Treat Bag that will be visible to cars!

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Ribbon Key Chain Tutorial


We just got these awesome key chain supplies in the store.  They make such a quick and easy project.  You can even make this a no sew project by using Fabri-tac to glue the ribbon to webbing instead of stitching.  This is a great project for small ribbon or fabric scraps from left over projects.  Now lets get started…. Continue Reading →

Easy Taggy Baby Blankie Tutorial


This is a simple project that is great for beginners and sewists of advanced skills too who need to make some awesome gifts for a baby shower or for their own bundle of joy. These taggy blankies are becoming increasingly more popular because they stimulate baby’s sensory skills and help with their developing brain, and they are super soft! I’ve seen these taggy blankets at different stores and range in cost from $10-$16 but you can make one here with supplies from Harts for about $8.50 and have enough minky left over to make another one, so you are defiantly getting more bang for your buck making these little guys. So here is what you’ll need: Continue Reading →

Festive Gift Wrap! Plus Gift Bag Tutorial!

The holiday season and gift giving go hand in hand. This year, make your holiday wrapping job just as special as the gift inside! Fabric, ribbon, and cute trims are great ways to spice up a standard wrapped present. There are tons of gift wrap options, here are just some of the things you can do this holiday season:


Tulle! We have a bunch of different colored tulle that you can use in your holiday gift wrapping. Tulle is great for adding fun color to your presents, and it’s super easy to wrap with! All you need is a few yards of the color of your choice. To wrap, place your gift in the center, gather the tulle, then tie with a ribbon! Tulle makes great wrapping for plates of cookies and other tasty holiday treats!

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Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving!

The holiday season is fast approaching, is your house ready for guests? Here at Harts we have tons of fun fabrics that you can use to spice up your home decor for the holiday season!

Burlap is a an awesome and versatile fabric, it has so many great uses for holiday home decor! Our burlap comes in a bunch of colors and you can use it  to create a rustic table runner or placemats for your thanksgiving dinner tablescape. Another popular use for burlap is making holiday wreaths! All you need for your wreath project is a couple yards of burlap and some festive ribbon. We put  together a burlap project pin-board over on our pintrest, you can check it out here to get inspired!

Another easy to use fabric for simple holiday crafts is felt. Using a fall leaf stencil you can easily create a thanksgiving garland by stringing up different colored fall leaves cut from felt. You can also use felt to create cute coasters in the shape of turkeys or leaves to spice up your dinner party.

Here is the fall leaf garland we put together using a few different colored felt square, super easy, super quick, and super cute!

I hope you’ve been inspired to spice up your home for the holidays! Don’t forget to share your projects with us, we love seeing what you come up with!